безоперационная липосакцияNon-surgical liposuction offers non-invasive methods of removal of fat cells by injection, processing cells ultrasound or laser. These procedures are aimed at the destruction of fat cells and their subsequent removal from the body naturally.



Innovative technology Lipo-X dissolves the fat with the help of exposure to radio waves. Radio frequency through the skin reach fat, and they heat up, forced to dissolve. As a result of dissolution oil is separated and out of the body through the lymphatic system. The system Lipo-X was developed specifically for patients wishing to improve the contours of your own body without pain and surgical intervention in the form of traditional liposuction.

In technology Lipo-X apply bipolar radiofrequency that generates the electronic field, which in turn leads to heating of tissues. In the electronic field are two electrodes with opposite charges, which are placed on the patient’s body. Fabric when injected into the area of validity of the opposite electrodes provokes the attraction of these electrodes, which in turn meets resistance of water, because fat cells consist mainly of water. Electrode force focuses on water, heating it. When the water in the tissues reaches a certain temperature, it is readily eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system.

Noninvasive Lipo-X allows the procedure to access areas that are not able to affect the traditional liposuction. Lipo-X allows you to remove the fatty deposits in the most sensitive areas, for example, around the internal organs. In addition, this procedure helps to reduce cellulite, smoothes and stretching increases tone flabby tired skin.

Lipo-X relieves the body from body fat, from which it is impossible to get through diet or exercise. However, non-surgical liposuction does not remove large amounts of fat tissue, so the ability of the body to get rid of fat is naturally limited. Despite this, patients who undergo Lipo-X note the considerable decrease in volumes, the results range from 10 to 15 see

Lipo-X shows individuals wishing to get rid of the low number of fat so that people suffering from obesity, this procedure cannot help. Lipo-X is perfect for getting rid of fatty deposits on the face, in particular, under the eyes and around the chin. Also, this technology is effective for correction of the waist, to eliminate the effect of “breeches” “ears” on the hips, fat on the abdomen and buttocks.

Procedure Lipo-X does not cause side effects in the form of swelling or bruising. In some cases, there may be redness and dryness of skin, possible itch. As a rule. After a short time, such phenomena are gone.


Laser, radio frequency and ultrasound in non-surgical liposuction

In the non-surgical liposuction procedures are different kinds of energy. Safe frequency and power and wavelength allow to get rid of excess fat without tissue damage, such procedures do not require anesthesia and the long recovery period.


Ultrasonic program Liposonix

Methodology Liposonix in the fight against fat uses ultrasonic wave of high intensity, the most effective this technique works in the Central zone of the body, that is, for the correction of the abdomen and fat deposits in the waist area. A notable result can be estimated eight to twelve weeks after the procedure.



This technology fat is destroyed using radio waves. The procedure also allows you to tighten the skin, improve its tone and give more healthy and youthful appearance. In addition to getting rid of excess fat Thermage improves the contours of the body and makes your figure more toned and shapely.


VelaShape and VelaSmooth

In methods and VelaShape VelaSmooth light radiation and radio energy used in tandem. With the help of special roller and systems vacuum suction method allows to achieve the elimination of cellulite and destruction of fatty deposits in the treated areas. Temperature increase in fat tissues boosts metabolism, and processing the rollers and the vacuum helps improve circulation, causing the skin becomes more toned and smooth.



Technology Zerona non-surgical liposuction dissolves excess fat using cold laser. Fat cells, released fall into the interstitial space, and then removed from the body of the patient in a natural way. The procedure does not cause discomfort, and, according to some patients, even has a relaxing effect.


The breakdown of fat by injection

For dissolving fat cells and the subsequent removal of fat from the body, are applied special injection. On the skin, enter certain chemical compounds. Homeopathic medicines and other active components, aimed at stimulation of metabolic processes in the body.



Lipodissolve is another method of dissolution of subcutaneous fat by injection. Chemical formulas of the solutions are very diverse, the basic ingredients, as a rule, is phosphatidylcholine/dezoksiholatom, vitamins, antibiotics, hormones, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, herbal extracts and lipid alpha acid. The procedure is absolutely painless and requires no anesthesia. The procedure of lipodissolve somewhat similar to mesotherapy, where for the dissolution of subcutaneous fat deposits are also used injections of vitamins, medical and homeopathic medicines.


People fit for the non-surgical liposuction procedures

In General, non-surgical liposuction shown healthy adults, with a slight excess of weight. The procedure is intended for local problem solving and for treatment of obesity is not suitable.

Technology Liposonix contraindicated in patients suffering from clotting disorders, oncological diseases, and also those who has a pacemaker. In addition ultrasonic correction of body fat can’t be done in areas where previously conducted surgical liposuction or was administered the injection.

Non-surgical liposuction is not recommended to pregnant women, patients suffering from diabetes, circulatory disorders and autoimmune diseases as well as by the presence in the body of certain infections.

The optimal method of non-surgical liposuction, based on your medical condition and needs of the body, you may find only a qualified technician.

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