НормадермCreams, lotions and masks series Normaderm from Vichy is a truly iconic vehicle, a real salvation for owners of sensitive and problematic skin. It can be applied at any age, because delicately struggles with the problem of acne, without drying and damaging the skin. Series allows to solve problems with the skin in just a week.


Perfect skin at any age

It is considered that acne skin is a sign of youth. Many generations of women treated pimples youthful calmly, believing that with the end of the teenage hormonal storms of problems disappear by themselves. Sometimes it happens, and sometimes skin remained problematic. But funds for her treatment there was a bit – at least until the invention of the series on care of a skin Normaderm from Vichy.

The vast majority of funds for oily skin are designed for teenage skin – young, rich, dense. Women who are of a youthful age, they are not suitable, because much dry the epidermis. However, sometimes this makeup not suitable and adolescents – it all depends on skin sensitivity. It is quite common option when prone to rashes skin has a high fat content and does not require predrying. And in this situation the cream “Normaderm” will be the perfect solution.


Signs of problem skin

Specialists Vichy was allocated a few signs of problem skin. They can occur separately or in combination, but in any case, their presence means that the skin needs a special approach. Here they are:

  • Shine. The face looks shiny, as if greased. This effect is difficult to remove using makeup products, you have to constantly wet the skin tissues;
  • Enlarged pores. The diameter of the pores increases, they become visible. Quite often the pores are pollution, arise comedones (“black dots”) that give the skin a sloppy appearance;
  • Redness characteristic of sensitive skin, sensitive to different effects, change the weather, cosmetics;
  • Inflammation. Painful education in the upper layer of the skin or in the deeper layers bring a lot of inconvenience and look very unsightly;
  • Acne. Red inflamed pimples on the skin deliver a lot of inconvenience. The extrusion of the problem does not solve, on the contrary, thus easily lead to infection;
  • Uneven complexion – an inevitable consequence of regular inflammation of the skin. Red spots and bluish scars on the face are common to many owners of oily skin;
  • Traces of pimples. Sometimes pimples are without a trace, but more often on the memory of the inflammation remains a stain on the skin, or a scar, which really spoils the appearance.



NormadermIn the series “Normaderm” is salicylic acid, which is used to fight inflammation for many years. In addition, cosmetic products are enriched with moisturizing and skin calming ingredients that care for the skin.

Cleansing lotions help to reduce the pore diameter, which, in turn, prevents the penetration into the skin of germs that cause inflammation. Simultaneously lotions help a long time to give the skin a matte finish, get rid of oily sheen.

Means series for night use help to clear the skin of impurities, excess sebum and dead skin cells. In addition, they have a strong disinfecting effect, and, therefore, prevent the occurrence of new breakouts.

Day creams series solves the problem of oily sheen. Creams with tender, melting on the skin structure, instantly absorbed and makes the skin matte, while it efficiently moisturizes the skin. Adding effective absorbents allows to absorb excess oil. Suitable for all skin types and does not contain allergens, such creams effectively improve the condition of skin and fight inflammation.

To Mature but oily skin are a series of creams with anti-aging effect. For these tools characteristically high content of vitamins and glycolic acid, a recognized skin moisturizer.


If the creams did not help

Normaderm VichyDespite the fact that most of the beauticians said the series “Normaderm” very effective, not to say that these tools help everyone. Reviews about the creams, masks and cleansing the Normaderm from Vichy are often negative. Although allergic reactions Vichy cosmetics company usually does not cause, but the special effects from the use of methods for problem skin, many people just don’t notice.

Why is this happening? Perhaps the problem is that not all are ready to give comprehensive care for the skin, using the means of one series. Often consumers choose one or two tools “Normaderm”, combining them with other skin care products. Of course, in this case the series becomes less effective.

Another explanation for the lack of effectiveness of funds in some cases even easier: skin problems can be caused by some characteristics of the organism, for example, altered hormonal. In this situation only one of the skin care, even the most careful, may not be enough: you need a comprehensive solution to the problem. Sometimes for the normalization of hormonal background prescribed a special medication (skin improvement is a side effect of many oral contraceptives), and it helps to get rid of acne. Treatment should be combined with proper care of the skin, but creams can be powerless in the fight against pimples.

Therefore, if the application of the series “Normaderm” has not led to the desired results, you should consult with a beautician relative to other measures aimed at solving the skin problems. It may be wise to abandon the use of series “Normaderm” in favor of other means, and may be worth the extra to use cosmetics or other brands to treat diseases that lead to pimples.

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