No lady will not refuse beautiful manicure, especially if her nails intact leave much to be desired. Keep in mind that the color of the nail plate is a kind of indicator of the state of the whole organism. The best healthy shade of pink, sometimes peach.
Внимание: цвет ногтя расскажет многое
Unfortunately, often the color cannot be classified as such. Problems may be different, and often they will help only proper nutrition.

The blue color of the nail plate is a consequence of accumulation of copper compounds that result from some types of treatment. It is when it ends.

Small point white – evidence of the lack of zinc and calcium. Increasing the content in the diet of foods rich in compounds of these substances, and also taking vitamin preparations will help to cope with this problem.

Quite a large light spots – a sign transferred strikes on the base of the nail. If damage were strong, there may be a bruise (under the nail was filled with blood), red lines. All this goes almost without interference, you only need to protect the damaged area from the pressure. Decorative cosmetics – lucky, gels, and others – to help cope with unaesthetic view of pending recovery.

Other cases require treatment with special means. The problem may be how the disease nails, and separate systems of the body. In the first case you can see a large white spots is a sign of fungal diseases.

In the second case you notice the following:

The separation of the nail into two parts: the lower white, and the upper normal, pink. The phenomenon indicates a problem with the kidneys.

Yellow nails is a very bad sign. You should immediately check the status of the liver, lymphatic system, possible diabetes mellitus, diseases of the respiratory organs, the occurrence of malignant tumors.
Внимание: цвет ногтя расскажет многое1

When the nail plate is brown, then, is adrenal insufficiency, or treatment drugs with the inclusion of gold. Perhaps it is a sign of melanoma, but then darkens not only the nail, but a bed, and a roller.

Strips of red may indicate infectious endocarditis.

If yellow or brown became only the edge of the nail, you may have psoriasis.

If any such indication to ignore, you can not only get destroyed nails, but also the development of serious diseases. So do not just “shaded” unpleasant color, it is best to make an appointment to see the doctor.

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