Chandeliers in the interior of the apartments occupy one of the main places. Correctly chosen lighting device to provide comfort and coziness in the premises for a long time. When choosing chandeliers must take into account some special features.

Nowadays a large variety of models and styles chandeliers. This model, made in the style of familiar classics, hi-tech or modern. Special attention should be paid to the modern Chandeliers, ceiling Floristics visually resemble a flower from glass or metal.

How to choose the ceiling chandelier

When choosing lighting unit need to decide for yourself. Selectable chandelier should be combined with this design of the premises or will it be the original zest, which differs in style from the General background.
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Ceiling lighting fixtures of classic style look great in a room decorated in old style. Such models are usually made in the form of hanging elements, made of crystal or glass, around one or several bulbs. Classic chandeliers good complement premises in a romantic style with high ceilings.

Sometimes you want to decorate the room to ceiling chandelier was different in design from the General background. In that case you should pay attention to the lighting models of high-tech or modern. The chandeliers in the art Nouveau style complement any room design. This miniature forms, which are well used in low rooms. Effectively art Nouveau chandeliers look in working condition. Plafonds of these lighting fixtures is often performed with beautiful natural ornaments. Very often models art Nouveau style is made from glass, durable fabrics, metal, plastic, wood.
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A room designed in the style of a classic or modern, well-suited to the ceiling chandeliers Floristics. They visually expand the facilities and create an atmosphere of magic flower space. Chandeliers made in the form of a coquettish and tender flowers create atmosphere of coziness and comfort in the room of any style.

Correctly chosen ceiling chandelier will bring you peace and harmony during work and leisure.

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