капроновые колготкиNylon tights give a trendy and elegant look to any look – be it a dress for a party, office, or walking. Nylon pantyhose can have a different pattern, density, texture and color.


What tights worth buying

If you want to have tights on all occasions and at any time of the year, while not spending extra money, it is recommended to buy spandex tights, a simple, versatile styles and colors that can be worn in any situation.

The main types of tights:

  • transparent tights black and flesh-colored;
  • black semi-matte tights for autumn outfits;
  • black leggings for a long tunics and short dresses.

Stock up on the second pair of tights each type, in case I don’t have time to wash pantyhose or if they will appear tight.


Expand your closet

Once you have acquired the basic types of nylon tights, it’s time to add something to your wardrobe depending on your activities (work, free nights, travel, party and so on) and your personal style.

For example, if you already have a transparent tights black and flesh-colored, you can add a pair of fishnet or sheer hosiery in black speckles or vertical stripes. Try fashionable tights of different textures. You can also add to his collection of tights bold colors – red, blue, purple and mustard.


Decorate whether they are your feet

Women with long slender legs can carry all kinds of pantyhose, enjoying all the benefits that give them a trendy tights. Short, full and large feet, on the other hand, the risk to look like a squat, which is why it is very important to choose the right tights. Here are some guidelines for choosing nylon tights that will adorn your legs and suited to your body type.


For thin legs

Very slim feet will help to add volume tights with a pattern (laced with leopard pattern, dotted, and so on). Just make sure the image size is suitable for your thin feet: avoid too large figure. For everyday wear, choose tights with a slight sheen. Or try tights with a richer texture (e.g., rib)to make the legs visually better. If you have long legs, try wearing leggings-Capri. They will add shins volume and some of them will shorten.


If the skin of the feet has flaws

If your feet are visible cuts from shaving, vascular mesh, stretch marks, pigmentation disorders or dry skin, wearing semi-matte tights or transparent tights in black or flesh-colored. You can disguise imperfections by using subtle vertical pattern, such as stripes.


If you want to make legs longer and slimmer

Here are examples of tights that strained:

  • vertical details: striped, hem and delicate texture;
  • color matching color Shoe;
  • leggings long just before the ankle.
  • tights with vertical seam at the rear;
  • If you have a full figure, or you gained a few extra pounds in the hips, you can choose tights with pressure that will make hips slimmer and will provide the feet of lightweight support.


What is the density of tights

The density of pantyhose measured in Dene. The number of den determines how transparent will the tights. In General, the smaller the den, the transparent tights, and Vice versa. You need to decide whether you prefer a lighter and less saturated look or a more “closed” and dense.


How it works

  • Ultra-transparent tights: less than ten den. Them legs will look like naked. Perfect for summer, their feet will not sweat. Ultra-transparent pantyhose subtle and very elegant.
  • Transparent tights: ten-twenty-den. They are denser than ultra-transparent, but look the same. Transparent tights make legs visually smoother. They are practical for everyday wear and elegant evening look.
  • Matt tights: twenty-five or thirty-five den. They are denser and stronger than transparent. Quite elegant for dressy clothes. Warmer transparent, but not matte.
  • Matte tights: forty and over den. Very durable tights, practical for everyday wear. Very warm, perfect to wear a skirt in cold weather. They completely cover the feet, so that the skin over them is not visible.


How to wear fashion tights

Nylon tights can be worn in different ways: to create a vivid image, to look fashionable or to secure the thrilling experience that attracts the opposite sex. If you don’t want to attract special attention (e.g. in the office), you can never go wrong wearing a conventional transparent tights in black or flesh-colored. Although they are simple, they always look stylish and beautiful. However, if you want to create a vivid image, experiment with bright colors, pattern and texture.


Classic chic

To create a classic dress in the style of “casual chic, wear a denim pencil skirt with sheer black tights, beautiful dressy blouse and a pair of ankle boots. Top wear a fitted blazer. Will be neat, but playful way. The goal is to combine the classic, everyday life and attractiveness.


Fashionable and cheap

It is possible to smoothly switch from summer to autumn, wearing shorts or a skirt with semi-gloss tights. Thicker tights also look good with dresses. Create a winter image, wearing a knitted sweater, scarf or other knitted products. You will be able to simultaneously and show feet, and to achieve a fashionable layered look.


Create vivid fashionable way

If you want to demonstrate your impeccable sense of style, put on a pair of tights with a pattern or an interesting texture and a sweater. It can be fishnet tights or leggings “under the skin”.


Other tips for choosing nylon pantyhose

  • Summer will buy tights-leggings or stockings.
  • Buy a pair of stockings with length up to thigh, and it is a beautiful belt. You will feel super sexy.
  • If you have a whole day walk in pantyhose, choose a model with a reinforced toe for extra comfort and durability.

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