овсяная диета для похуденияCereal and diet represent a special combination. Oatmeal has properties that make it an indispensable product for weight loss. Oatmeal diet for weight loss besides, there is a feeling of hunger.


Use oatmeal

польза овсяных хлопьевWhen there is a desire to lose weight, we select products that provide the best compromise between nutrition and calories. The desire to lose weight and eating high calorie food in any way will not help you in this desire. In this case, is the best suited cereal. Their consumption in moderation does not cause significant weight gain.

Cereal suited for weight loss diet not only because of their nizkokaloriynoe. The advantage of flakes is that they reduce the feeling of hunger due to the high index of satiety. Oats contain slow sugars, which are digested gradually. A big advantage is that the energy obtained from cereals, feeds the body for several hours. In other words, oatmeal for Breakfast instead of the traditional bread, butter, jam reduces the amount of calories, and thus helps to avoid accumulation of fats. In addition, it provides a charge of energy, thanks to which I do not feel hunger until lunch.

Many believe that during the diet, Breakfast should be limited. However, it is not. Actually the enemy of weight loss number 1 is the hunger. If you have a stomach growling from hunger in the morning, you will not be able to resist in the day of the temptation to deviate from the diet in the afternoon and evening. It is therefore recommended to eat for Breakfast cereal. They satisfy hunger and provide a feeling of satiety until the evening. Cereal can be eaten as a snack while on a diet or in the afternoon. They recommend to use after sports.

овсянка для похуденияOat flakes belong to whole grains, as they are eaten with the peel, which contains all the antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and dietary fiber. Fiber slows down digestion, regulating, thus, the transit and reducing appetite.

Cereal also beneficial to health because they are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, which help reduce cholesterol.

The flakes contain thiamine, which helps convert carbohydrates into energy and improve metabolism.

Oats contain amino acids, which contribute to the production of lecithin in the liver. Lecithin is essential for cleansing our body. Eating oatmeal helps to clean the walls of the arteries.

Oatmeal draws out all the toxins that generates and accumulates our body. In addition, they have diuretic properties and prevent the accumulation of fluid in the body.

Among the minerals in oat cereal contains large amounts of magnesium, iron and calcium.

Oatmeal is very good for the body, and to enjoy its beneficial properties, it should be entered in the diet in any form (bran, flakes, flour, butter, milk, oatmeal juice, and so on).


How to eat cereal

каша из овсяных хлопьев для похуденияThe oatmeal is recommended to eat more cold than hot, as this reduces the glycemic index and for a long time to suppress the feeling of hunger. This case is the best fit following a prescription. Enough to fill the night oats with a little water or milk.

Oatmeal combined with milk. It is recommended to use vegetable milk rather than the animal, as its proteins are easier to digest. You can take soy, rice or almond milk. The fit and cow’s milk, but not whole.

For variety you can add to cereal dairy productse.g. curd, yoghurt. They are low in calories, but contain huge amounts of calcium.

Instead of milk mix oats with a small amount of coffee or tea. You will be able to take advantage of the beneficial properties of oatmeal and diuretic properties of coffee or tea. A good remedy for removing fat.

овсянка для понижения весаSweeten cereal while on a diet can agave syrup or stevia.

It turns out that essential oil can be an excellent flavor enhancers. The best option is the essential oil of lemon or orange, they have a more distinct taste.

Many people often eat for Breakfast soup. Vegetables also promote weight loss. You can add to the soup to cereal to make it thicker.

Fresh fruit with oatmeal is one of the essential diet recipes.

For those who do not eat Breakfast in the morning, it is recommended to drink oatmeal water. Mix in a blender 2 liters of water and 1 coffee Cup of oatmeal. Of course, it is not so nutritious as oatmeal, but it will allow you not to go to work with empty stomach.

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