офисный стиль одеждыFrom the interview to everyday office work: professional career begins with the dress code. Office clothing style should match your working sector and position. The success of the interview about the job and professional success depend not only on the dress code. However, if your image is not chosen correctly, it can play a cruel joke with you.


How not to dress at work

If at the end of the interview your employer will remember about your flashy jewelry or the outfit, not on what you said, it will not be good for you. Bright colors, causing the decorations interfere with the employer to focus on your competence. In this case it is better to dress modestly, focusing on one accessory, for example, the scarf. In addition, you should feel comfortable and emphasize their individuality. The main thing is to be yourself.

Office style clothes excludes too bright and eye-catching motifs. No matter what you choose suit, cotton pants and shirt or skirt and shirt – all things must be for you to face. The cuffs of the shirt should be impeccably ironed and 1.5-2 cm to protrude from under the jacket sleeve, not more. The costume should be the right size: too big of a jacket will give you a sloppy appearance.

Never wear colored clothes with bright patterns. The tie knot needs to be perfect. The tip of the tie should barely touch belt.


How to choose the shoes

Be careful in choosing shoes, you risk to compromise the integrity of the style. It is not recommended to wear shoes with too high heel, except if you feel comfortable and can move around without difficulty. Nevertheless, the heel should not be higher than 4-6 cm.

Do not wear open-toed footwear for office style more suitable shoes with a rounded or almond shaped toes. They are suitable for any wardrobe. Avoid black color. Much more interesting will look maroon, red or pastel colors like mint or lilac.


Professional advice

  • The style of “sexy” did not meet the office dress code. Forget about the too high heels, short skirts, tight dresses, translucent blouses and shirts. In addition, you cannot wear a black bra under a white blouse.
  • Skirt length should be chosen for the growth: the skirt should be above the knee only four fingers. You should feel comfortable in a skirt in the sitting position.
  • In accordance with the rules of dress code body piercing is unacceptable. With regard to tattoos, the rule is simple: they should not be put on public display.


How to revive a formal style

The best way to create your office style to abandon the beaten priorities. It is not necessary to wear the usual suit with a white shirt. Try to combine a skirt suit with a blouse made of thin, airy fabrics and original jacket. This will bring your version of office is closer to the modern style, while not departing from the dress code.

Try to experiment with a gray pencil skirt, a silk blouse with a print and short black coat. No need to dress in black and white, add a few touches of other colors such as gray and all its shades, beige, nodoby or sand.

You can also add bright colors such as red, emerald, blue Klein. These colors are easier to wear than black. Too much black in the image will never highlight in a favorable light your skin tone, but rather strengthen dark circles under the eyes or a double chin.


Office dress

Dress is a good compromise for work. It is feminine and makes your life easier in the morning. Winter wear thick tights under the dress. Office option dresses can be of various materials, most importantly, to match the simple rules:

  • it’s knee length (can be higher if it allows a dress code);
  • fitted to accentuate your shape;
  • short, ¾ or long sleeves (no strapless);
  • collar V – or U-shape (not too deep);
  • sheath dress.

Combine your dress with a short or fitted blazer. Regardless of your physique, it is important to emphasize the waist to give a slim silhouette.



  • Don’t forget the details. It is the accessories add to the style of your outfit, so do not neglect them.
  • If the dress code allows, wear jewelry. For example, a thin and long necklace visually stretches the silhouette. Small earrings perfectly decorated face. Forget about the classic pearl, choose something more original.
  • The bag is also no exception for office style. It should be small to fit in makeup bag, Notepad and Essentials.


Makeup and hairstyle

Do not forget about makeup and hair. Manicure red or sudovogo color. Other colors, blue or green, is unacceptable. Light make-up with eyeliner or a touch of lipstick. Styling, which is held in place. If you have hair quickly garnaut, use dry shampoo and put your hair up in a bun. Long hair is also better to collect. Light spirits in a small amount behind the ears and quite.


A few tips for men

  • In men, we bet on accessories – indicators of their position.
  • Forget about white socks.
  • Avoid black, it is better to select the gray suits, dark blue color.
  • Addition to the dark suit is a light shirt.

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