офисная одежда для женщинIn recent years, many institutions and companies have moved away from the dress code, and the question arises, what to wear to work. Well-chosen office wear for women will bring the respect of others and the promotion, while sloppy appearance may not play in your favor.


Formal business style

Appearance at work should project professionalism and competence, regardless of your job title. Choice of clothing depends on your type of business. When you choose the closet, you must assess the situation, clients and place. Explore the essence of your profession and dress code of your employer.

Formal business suggests a classic cut suit and shirt or blouse with long sleeves, closed shoes, tights, low-key hairstyle, the same jewelry, and modest makeup.


Business casual style

Many companies impose a dress code like “business casual” style. However, this does not mean that you can wear anything. With business casual style pants are allowed made of cotton, linen or flannel, elegant Capri pants and trousers of synthetic fibers. To pants which are not allowed to wear to work are jeans, sweatpants, Bermudas, shorts, rompers, leotards, and tight pants.

Allowed to wear dresses and skirts in a casual style. The length should allow you to feel comfortable in the sitting position in society. Short and tight skirt, reaching to mid-thigh are unacceptable. Mini-skirts, skirt-pants, sun dress, beach dress and strapless dresses are not suitable for use in the office.

To work in the office allowed shirts and blouses in casual or elegant style jerseys, pullovers, jackets from suits and sports jackets. However, it is not valid for work shirts that go between the buttons and the top part of the wardrobe, which opens the abdomen, sweaters with slogans, logos, images or slogans, off-the-shoulder, bustier tops, Paita and t-shirts. T-shirts can be worn under a blouse, shirt, jacket or dress.


Footwear, accessories, makeup

  • As for shoes, haircuts fit classic dress shoes, loafers, clogs, espadrilles. Flip-flops, sandals, sandals and other open shoes are unacceptable.
  • Hats are inappropriate. Religious headwear is allowed only in honor of the cultural traditions.
  • Properly selected ties, scarves and belts are welcome.
  • Office style excludes too bright and flashy makeup. Avoid strong fragrances.


Strictly prohibited

Clothes that used to work in the garden, playing sports, relaxing on the beach or at a nightclub is not suitable for office work. In addition, under dress code, misses clothing, which opens the chest (perfect – V-neck), back, abdomen, legs.

The main trend office style is to avoid all sexual. You should not flaunt your lace. Blouses and shirts should be buttoning up the last button.

The material from which made office dress, should be dense and opaque. Otherwise everyone will know what color your bottom. Underwear should remain hidden under clothing.

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