матирующие салфеткиPerfect skin and perfectly even complexion is a dream of any woman. Most of us are unhappy with the condition of the skin, and one of the most common problems is the excessive secretion of the sebaceous glands, causing the skin becomes oily and acquires an unpleasant Shine. Because of this glitter the face looks not the best way, it seems that the skin is covered with clammy sweat. With oily shiny skin you need to fight and here to the aid of varied cosmetic products – lotions, tonics, oil blotting sheets, makeup base and more.


Why do I need oil blotting sheets

Anyone else from the school course of anatomy it is known that under the skin there are sebaceous glands. Without them our body could not do, these glands provide skin moisturizing, protecting it from dryness. But in the sebaceous glands in the opposite side of the coin, which is called increased secretion. Exactly excessive sebum secretion leads to oily gloss person, according to different sources this problem is known to a quarter if not a third of women of our planet.


How to choose the perfect oil blotting sheets

Excess fat to remove easily enough, the main thing is to save the result for longer time. Unfortunately, drying lotions are not able to provide an effect that persisted throughout the day, besides the lotion will not get on the street to put a face on. Here come to the aid of a special oil blotting sheets.


The principle of operation

Matting napkin is a small piece of cloth or paper impregnated with a special solution. Components in solution penetrate the fibers of the fabric, which is then used to remove from the skin surface dirt and excess sebum.


How to choose the perfect oil blotting sheets

The range of matting napkins are wide enough, but regardless of the brand and of the specific material, any matting napkin should not just clean the face but also to give the skin a feeling of freshness and a velvety matte tone.

Choosing oil blotting sheets, pay attention to the composition. The composition of the solution may be different, but some components in this vehicle, as oil blotting sheets, highly undesirable. Alcohols, such as, dried skin and sometimes can cause microalgal and very unpleasant irritation. Tiny particles of plastics in the napkins perform the main cleaning function, they are absorbent and products excessive secreting glands. Often, matting napkins includes powder, however, if the tone does not match the natural skin tone, after using this wipes the face can become like a mask. Task swipe – to frost, and not be tinted. In addition to possible inconsistencies of tone, the particles of the powder block the pores not allowing the skin to breathe, which in turn can cause acne and blackheads.

Avoid fragrances. Perfumes give the wipes a nice subtle flavor, but sometimes it is so strong that interrupt the smell of perfume and irritate the olfactory receptors.

The material of the cloth matters too. For maximum effect it is best to choose napkins made of thin nonwoven material. In the manufacture of modern matting wipes are used mainly synthetic or mixed materials. The most practical option is quite durable and hypoallergenic Spunlace.

Do not forget about packing, matting napkins it is more important than it may seem at first glance. First, the package must not be bulky, because the tissues have to carry in your purse. Secondly, the box of tissues must be easy to open. Most manufacturers offer a package with an opening which is closed sticky tongue. The hole should be large enough so that the cloth could be easily removed, and closing the sticky element must be fixed, otherwise the wipes will dry out before you use them.

Take the time to read the information on the packaging. In addition to the composition, the stack of napkins must be specified by the manufacturer, his address or contact phone numbers or contacts of the company receiving the claim. In addition the packaging must indicate the date of manufacture and shelf life, as well as recommendations for use. On the packaging are high quality wipes from the well-known brands you will definitely find all the information you need.

Do not use wipes with expired. Chemical composition of some components changes over time and they can be hazardous to the health and beauty of skin.

Oil blotting sheets are the best buy in a pharmacy or good cosmetic stores. For ordering from the official website of the brand will have to pay a bit more, but you will be sure in the originality of the product.



Swipe from “Shiseido” have a refreshing effect, leave on the skin a feeling of lightness and not dried. Wipes are convenient to use and well separated from each other. A single swipe is enough to remove Shine and even out your skin tone.

матирующие салфетки Shiseido


Mary Kay offers bilateral oil blotting sheets, one side is designed to cleanse the skin from dust and dirt, and the other is to directly remove excess sebum. These wipes are very convenient and practical thing.

Swipe “Cettua” attracted to convenient packaging, economical but not call them. To get rid of oily sheen you will need at least two pieces.

“Oil Control Paper” from “Artdeco” beautiful Packed in stylish packaging, the wipes are pleasant to the touch , have a subtle flavor, but not very well with their basic functions. To achieve the promised mattifying effect, need several wipes.

The company “Oriflame” also has oil blotting sheets, the Swedish brand has Packed his cloths in a very convenient and compact package. To its credit, this product it should be noted that this pad is on the five plus do their job. Even if you have very oily skin, they will help you.

матирующие салфетки Clean & Clear

Clean & Clear

матирующие салфетки E.l.f.

E. l.f.

“Pore Minimizer Oil Blotting Sheets” from “Clinique” gives the face a matte look and leaves the skin with a unique sensation of freshness. Another advantage of these wipes is economical and convenient package.

E. l.f. Shine Eraser Oil Blotting Sheets – oil blotting sheets the budget segment. However, the low price of this product almost does not affect its quality. The only negative is the wipes are too thin and sometimes break.

Clean & Clear Instant Oil-Absorbing Sheets have unusual texture, material of the wipes is a bit like rubber, but the wipes are quite soft, even silky, and cleanse the skin. Blue color of these napkins also looks unusual.

матирующие салфетки Sephora


Napkins Collection’Sephora’s blotting sheets offers five different types of wipes intended for cleaning different areas of the face and solve different skin problems. Depending on the form of napkins, in the composition of the solution includes effective cleansing ingredients, plant extracts and vitamins.

NYX Cosmetics quality product and not too high a price. Also, like Sephora, NYX produces a collection of multi wipes, enriched with green tea extracts or tea tree oil. These napkins perfectly narrow pores and absorb excess fat.

матирующие салфетки Clinique


матирующие салфетки Tatcha


Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Beauty Papers Duo – this product Suite. In the impregnation of wipes contains the smallest particles of gold. A set of napkins consists of 30 standard napkins 40 and evening, evening option is very Thrifty with makeup and does not dry the skin.

Fortunately, the owners of oily skin no longer has to endure Shine and constantly to feel a sense of discomfort and dissatisfaction with my appearance. Oil blotting sheets – a real salvation for oily skin, especially on a hot summer day. Modern range of matting napkins every woman will be able to choose exactly the option that suited her skin.

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