матирующие салфеткиTo touch up your makeup during the day or get rid of excessive oily sheen no longer need to carry a full set of makeup or compact powder. Enough to buy oil blotting sheets.

Silk napkins, wipes, powder, wipes in the form of blotting paper – the various types of matting napkins, which can easily fit in your purse or pocket and not take up much space. Besides, they are very practical.


What oil blotting sheets you can buy

различные виды матирующих салфетокOil blotting sheets ELF wipes are different from other brands. They contain green tea extract, known for its astringent and emollient properties and is suitable in particular for sensitive skin of the mixed type. Cloths removes oily sheen, tightens pores, and makeup remains intact. The skin remains matte for quite a long period of time.

Shiseido wipes effectively absorbs sebum, eliminate Shine and refresh the skin.

Matting napkins brand Kiko are wipes with powder. They are as thin as tissue paper. Napkins are very easy to use, just remove one cloth from a small bag and DAB her face which shines. Mainly talking about the T-zone: forehead, nose, chin. The effect is incredible, the napkin absorbs the excess oil in a flash, like a sponge. Skin instantly becomes matte, and the Foundation stays in place, without a single blemish.

матирующие салфетки торговой марки KikoOil blotting sheets come in different colors, and some even flavored. Brand The Body Shop has developed two types of wipes: one with tea tree extract and the other with powder.

Oil blotting sheets with tea tree extract – this is a classic wipes that soak up sebum, and tea tree extract provides an antibacterial effect. Tissue powder have a double effect: removes grease and at the same time cover the face with powder.


What can replace oil blotting sheets

If you suddenly ended oil blotting sheets, they can be replaced with other improvised means:

  • First alternative matting napkins can be a simple silk paper for packing gifts. It can be cut into several pieces of suitable size and shape;
  • Instead of napkins, you can also use tissue paper. As though strange did not sound, but it’s excellent help;
  • Quite original and third option – strip.

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