What beneficial for human body olive oil, is known from time immemorial. Oil extracted from olives, quickly eliminates skin irritation, prevents the formation of dandruff, stimulates the healing process of a skin injury.

Olive oil is one of the most available products, with which you can improve your entire body.

Doctors, nutritionists and beauticians who quality disposable materials for cosmetology at favorable price conditions are always ready to offer the company “GAME”, advise to use olive oil for almost all people, regardless of gender and age. Olive oil contains large amounts of vitamin “A”, “D” and “E”, microelements, various acids, protein, antiseptics and other nutrients.

Olive oil is an indispensable tool when caring for your hair and scalp. Here is the recipe simple and effective hair masks:

• slightly heat 50-70 grams of olive oil (bring to a boil is not necessary, otherwise it will lose most of the useful properties);
• apply warm oil on the pre-washed and dried hair;
• abundant water and squeeze hair;
• wrap the hair with a towel and relax for 20-30 minutes.

Such a simple and enjoyable way you will give your hair all the most useful and valuable thing you can offer them the nature.

Note that for hair care with olive oil you should be patient and regularly perform the procedure. To obtain a visible effect may take two months or more, but the result is worth it!

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