In the history of aesthetic development of mankind, special importance was attached to issues of personal hygiene and health, particularly in southern and Eastern regions of the planet Earth. External appearance, particularly of the hands and feet, has always been the prerogative of the representatives of the higher hierarchy. It was considered obligatory for men and women to support the conventional laws of beauty, even if I had to visit second-hand wholesale and look in accordance with their status.
Not the last role was played correctly treated and covered with special natural paints nails on the hands and feet, and the feet and hands.

How is it with the concept of nail service in our days when the abundance of various technological and instrumental inventions along with the traditional methods, in particular for the care of skin and nails, hands and feet. Beautiful, well-groomed nails and skin is not only the destiny of decent stationed on mind of people, but also the key to their success and career growth.
Возможности ногтевого сервиса и красота человека.3
Today, nail service offers a wide range of services, including manicures, pedicures, nail extensions, Shellak floor, Biosculpturing gel strengthening nails and all these treatments are performed in an absolutely sterile equipment.
The full cycle of work on nail care means not only the design and coverage of various lacquers, but processing of hands and feet, massage, removal of dead parts of a skin, treatment of damaged cuticle medical and cosmetic means.

The essence of the wizard is to create comfortable conditions for a potential client, do not harm or injure the skin, to treat hard-to-reach areas of skin, protect from various fungal infections or to prevent possible infections.
Возможности ногтевого сервиса и красота человека.2
The final chord of this hard work is the external appearance of the nails, as noted in the first place.

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