Shortly before the ceremony the wedding the couple perform the important preparations for this bright and joyful day. Pleasant matters related to the organization of the tenancy dining room, restaurant or cafe, search fun Toastmasters, which will be their jokes and songs to entertain the guests and the newlyweds. Unfortunately, during the preparation for the celebration many brides forget about the festive manicure. It is of great importance, because the videographer closeup remove, as the bride and groom exchange rings. After some time, the wife will view the footage on the video and see how interesting and organic manicure looks of the bride.
Варианты свадебного маникюра
There are several types of wedding manicure, allowing to take into account the health and length of the nails. For example, a characteristic of the classical version of manicure is to use lacquer pink, cream, white or beige. Sometimes the girl departs from accepted traditions and choosing a wedding dress of red, green or purple color, which will look great bouquetmade from chrysanthemums, orchids, wildflowers. Festive manicure should be combined with a wedding dress of any of these shades, so the girl should choose lacquer blue, orange or coral color.
Варианты свадебного маникюра2
The bride will be able to achieve an impressive result, if trusted execution manicure professional. Master of nail service will offer the bride to make cosmetic procedure using large rhinestones, Pleshkov, sculptural compositions of acrylic. Volumetric elements of the decor will look great on extended nails girls, giving the uniqueness of her wedding. Festive manicure, made master of nail service, will be in harmony with the luxurious dress of the bride, to emphasize the features of its appearance.

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