Modern industry uses a lot of variants of designs and materials светопрозачных structures. On the operational properties of modern wooden Windows and PVC are not inferior to each other and differ in the technical details of the construction materials. In terms of care and the prevalence gone forward a little plastic Windows. Therefore, ordering Windows can be seen on the example of PVC products.

What you need to know about Windows

Before you do order window addressing to the company engaged in the production of window production, should be pre-acquainted with the possibilities of modern firms and the basic structural characteristics of Windows.

You should find out what PVC profile and what accessories apply the producers of Windows, company-executor. A profile is a mouldings, from which are made sash Windows and frames. The best results in the production of PVC profiles and technology was considered to German companies. No matter where the profiles produced on German soil or foreign affiliates. Proprietary technologies, raw materials and machines, the guarantee of quality.
Заказать окна – это просто
Focus is on the number of air chambers in the profile. Option when the PVC profile consists of three chambers, and glass-chamber – suitable, provided that the future of the window will be closed terrace or balcony. This option is also for the region, with mild winters, and in the house of a good heating, and the window no industrial or road noise. And if you need maximum protection against low temperatures and external noise – optimal variant of five-chamber PVC profile and double-glass.

Double-glazed Windows, which are made of two glass – called mono -, and composed of three panes, forming a two-межстекольных period – two-chamber. Using special types of spraying. This property allows one to reflect heat waves inside the house and keep out unwanted solar radiation from the street.

Accessories mechanisms that provide a window systems, which are called Fittings better German or Austrian production.

Visit to the company

The General order of relations of the client and the executor of the order is as follows:

  • Having gained basic knowledge on the design of the glass products, comes the time of the visit, the Manager of the company that will design and deliver a finished window.
  • Presenting Manager exemplary parameters window, it will report an approximate price of the window in the basic configuration. It is important to agree with the Manager that will be included in the price (dismantling, shipping, installation according to GOST or a simple «запенивание»).
  • Заказать окна – это просто3
  • Based on these data, the client receives a commercial offer. After exploring the proposal and approval of the current issues, the client gives written consent. The Manager agrees terms of passage Gager to the customer.
  • Measurer measures and reports to the Manager of the final parameters of the window. On the basis of these data Manager is a contract between the customer and the executor of the order.
  • Drafted agreement describes cash, constructional and technical parameters of the agreement, as well as the schedule of manufacture and installation of translucent structures.

Article publication date: November 7, 2013

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