оригинальные трикотажные платьяFashion knitwear grows with each new season. It now covers not only the autumn-winter period, knitted things successfully are worn during summer or even to cases previously about them and could not think. In this regard, the lack of basic things not seen, and women are increasingly want something new, unusual. Original knitted dresses can quench that fashion thirst.


Good manners

In the selection of interesting models of knitted dresses should not lose the sense of reality and to get involved in an incredible designs and colors. Remember, knitted fabric, regardless of, slim it or big, smooth or textured «braids», itself becomes a kind of accessory dress. Of course, modern fashion puts Jersey in the list of seasonal must-have for several years in a row, so women are accustomed to it, many of them already adept at combining minimalist outfits. But we should not rush at all serious, combining in one thing and large mating, and length, and volume collar and bright colors. The originality of the original strife – you can look stylish but also may be like a Christmas tree.


Knitted-fabric dresses

The technique patchwork, combining in a single part of a knitted basis with fabric inserts looks fresh, unusual, and can save you from boredom, if the normal mating does not suit you. If you look at the images that are offered from year to year on the podium, it is impossible not to notice a greater tendency couturier to combine incompatible. For example, a Lacy basis knit dress with a silk skirt, which, moreover, is uneven. It is not enough of the new time, but only a return to the roots, because this method was often used by our grandmothers that is so simple (and now a stylish way latali Pervushina things.

A very similar method of connection contrasting elements can be seen in a completely knitted dresses, in which there are two kinds of knitting, nothing like each other. The top and bottom of this outfit can be radically different from each other not only by color. They may have other yarn, another picture, another texture. Such knitted dresses, look like a combination of a top or sweater and a skirt was, in this visibility, and expect those who thinks out.


Knit dress with a smell

Dress with the smell came in the 1970s with the light hand of Diane von Furstenberg. Is considered a classic dress of thin Jersey, which is able to warm up, and to help look slimmer and more feminine. Today, increasingly the dress with the smell from the subtle, and from heavy-weight Jersey, loved by everyone «pigtails» with cuffs and hem and throat wide hem band.

The main distinguishing feature of dresses with the smell – fitted silhouette and V-shaped throat. If it is from bulk yarn, not from minimalist Jersey or more fine linen from cashmere and other wool, acrylic, to choose and wear it with the mind. This dress could be worn only women with a good figure, that it did not add a visually kilograms. It is desirable to stop on monochrome models, ignoring fashionable prints or fine Lacy basis.

Knitted dress with the smell sometimes involve interesting stylistic solutions in terms of decoration collar. For example, it could be trimmed fur that allows you to successfully issue a dress coat and wear it along with the autumn accessories. Dress with the smell almost always includes the presence of a belt, the design of which also need to be concerned. Than bulkier the waist, the more concise he should be.


The geometry lessons – figured game

Dresses are not only of adjoining silhouette, it’s for anybody not a secret. To hide the flaws, in particular, a wide waist and belly, we need to try to fit this zone. For this acquired cut dresses keystone or bottle, and now these models are not only material, but also knitted.

In pursuit of good shape is very important not to hurt yourself with connection in one dress volume paintings and spacious cut. Thick knitted fabric and even with knitted patterns, can fit in the style of «tank», broad in the back, tapering down. Such knitted dress should not be too long, that the image was not overloaded. If you choose the dress-the trapeze, which from the waist or chest expands downwards skirt bell, you can pay attention to the delicate lace matter.

Original and stylish such dresses look in bright color and the mini version. On the wave of popularity of the style of the 50-ies, this is just what we need a modern fashion. They can be worn with thick tights or leggings, with sports shoes or boots, with miniature bag-instant messenger or a big tote.

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