As a rule, Duty free shops are located in international airports and in departure areas. Potential buyers offer a large range of goods at duty-free prices. To make purchase directly at the cabin, and cost of the product will be even cheaper, as there is no need in additional costs as a shop. Indeed, in the plane there are no Windows, and in the cashiers and sales, also there is no need, because you can buy everything from flight attendants.
Оригинальная парфюмерия в Duty free1
Category of citizens, who frequently use air transport, know – cheap perfume dutyfree, it is not a myth, but a reality. Moreover, perfumery special situation. No one, no secret that part of free water and spirits include alcohol and its components. The savings from abolishing these duties because this is 10-15%, but not that attracts buyers to make a choice in favor of perfumery and cosmetics sold in Duty free. There is another interesting point that attracts buyers. Such concept as “a travel set of” well known to the specialists for shopping. This means nothing as duty-free shopping. Sets of small packagings, which included funds perfumery and cosmetic and there travelcity.

Release these sets manufacturers solely in order to sell them through the Duty free system.
Оригинальная парфюмерия в Duty free
Thus, man is a good opportunity to get elite cosmetics and perfumery for a reasonable price. Some manufacturers even specifically develop a new collection, which in addition to cosmetics is bijouterie, accessories and clothing items and sell it intentionally through Duty free. And only when there will be a period of time which is necessary for the collection found its buyer and on it appeared the demand release in conventional retail. The buyer can be sure at 100%, making a purchase through Duty free, it is guaranteed acquires high-quality original perfumes.

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