варианты свадебного маникюраWedding manicure can be as diverse in style as a dress that chooses a bride. Long or short nails, pastel colours or in bright summer colours, sleek and minimalistic or large rhinestones and rings, all of these options wedding manicure have a place to be in the range of proposals salons. What would complement your wedding image, depends on your imagination and determination to Shine to your fingertips.

When choosing options for wedding manicure usually refer to their tastes in various trends. For example, the bride, which prefers the color, choose solid color manicure in tones of his image. If a girl is committed to the classics and does not want to pay too much attention to their nails to its services delicate French style. Glow and Shine for many of which are inalienable attributes of the occasion, and for this case may or may Shine metal manicure, or dazzling crystals of different sizes, which sparkle in the light, and play faces, showing the neighbouring elements of the pattern. If you can’t make a choice, try to first decide what direction attracts you most – color or Shine, smoothness or volume, minimalism or shocking?


Elegance and simplicity

If you are the owner of short nails or moderate length, then you may want to consider as an option wedding manicure without escalating. He is very comfortable and does not require much time to create the nails original patterns and other delights of nail art. As the options for such a perfect manicure delicate coral shade of a varnish that is perfectly combined with mint or turquoise shades of dress or accessories. Classic French with a narrow tip is possible to diversify one detail – the Golden stripe in the middle of the nail on the ring finger, which simulates a wedding ring. Nails may be painted in a shade of nude and elegantly decorate the base of medium-sized sequins or rhinestones.


Thread lace

If you want to make fashionable and close to the classic image wedding manicure lace is the perfect Supplement. To create lace manicure, you can resort to the help of a master in interior, who himself will draw carefully on the nails curls, and you can make it easier to use labels-stickers with the appropriate print. Lace on the nails of the bride can be large and thin air, white to beige or cream-pink background and contrast, for example, black, what looks informally, but not gone. Wedding manicure with lace black should be fine lines, otherwise it will look rough.


Immodest lights

Nail decoration of the bride shining decorative elements is a classic of the genre, like the French tsenitelnits elegant simplicity. Wedding manicure with stones is to choose, if you have a long and strong or lengthened nails on which these items can be easily fit. We should see to it that the master kept the law of harmony and balance – large stones visible faces leave the protagonists of the nails, if you intend to do to decorate nails floral decoration or other patterns, it is better to make a wedding manicure with crystals small diameter.


Sculptural design

Wedding manicure with stucco – choice for the patient, but the result is worth it. The masters created on long nails luxury three-dimensional flowers, bows, bringing the nail plate to the present architectural construction. Usually molding in your wedding manicure appears not alone – together with beautiful patterns, lagging from the nail plate, they also present and rhinestones, and lace motifs.


Strips on happiness

Strip gained admirers not only in clothes, but in manicure, including wedding. With the help of transverse bars can be different beat Neil-design, making them the border between two different colors varnish or separating smooth area of volumetric three-dimensional. The most popular stripes with metallic brilliance of gold or silver.

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