Each lady in the new year’s eve wants to look very beautiful, elegant and refined! And sometimes for a few weeks fashionista looking for a dress. It’s the most magical and the most mysterious night of the year. Someone wants to wear new year’s eve chic dress, and some Christmas costume to put away.
Наряд для новогодней ночи1
But, as women and girls who want effectively, can, of course, to wear a beautiful dress. As for the color, then, of course, dominated by the blue color, and all colors, namely blue, turquoise, ultramarine and others. Color noble and rich. Elements horses in the new year is a tree, so that the elements and colors of the trees will be relevant. Fit beautiful wooden jewelry, namely, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, brooches. Or dress, for example a beautiful Golden, brown or cream colors. Don’t forget about makeup – kits shadows right shades will accentuate your individuality. However, you should not choose overly bright eye makeup. The brightness in the new year’s eve to anything, especially if you spend the holiday with family, at the family Banquet table. Suitable for a relaxing shades, just fashionable this season nodoby makeup with added sequins could be the winning option.
Наряд для новогодней ночи3
If you adhere to not only the Eastern signs, you can wear the outfit with bright colors such as green, because the horse loves all things bright and natural. In favour of natural fabrics such as cotton, cotton, silk and others. Look at the new year’s eve you should be free, easy, just like the horse. Dress choose flowing and flying. Then you do the whole year will have good luck, happiness and prosperity.

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