The flamboyant style of dress in America of the 80’s grew up in a style that quickly came into Vogue. And stayed there for several decades, winning not only the street, but the podiums.

Young rebels

Young love to protest against the government and violence against control and requirement, against the usual and raised on a pedestal. This is normal, even if it sometimes takes a funny shape. You are wearing a glamorous and luxurious? We dressed in dirty rags, in order to emphasize that we are different. Thus was born the grunge style (from the English. grunge is “disgusting”).

Clochard or mods?

Originally grunge was the only direction in rock music, but when you see the clothes in this style was born a subculture with the same name. Famous designers backed innovation, grunge, thanks to the collection of Marc Jacobs “Marginal chic stepped to the podium. The main principles of the dress in this style is daring eclecticism, deliberate negligence, the predominance of shabby fabrics and dark colors, lots of “defects” (dropped stitch, gifts, his territory). But attention! This is not the appearance of image is actually designer grunge things made of expensive materials and with great skill. Yes, and the hair of followers of style does not dirty – only special effect nematode”.


Followers of grunge – people primarily creative, able to dream and to realize ideas in combination wardrobe. There are no limitations, particularly welcomed the combination of denim with knitwear and even with guipure and lace, sweaters and pullovers too long, or Vice versa, is very short. Anyone can create their grunge-way!

Style! Dilute grunge outfit “serious” accessories and deliberately simple shoes.

But this should not be done

Combined with grunge classics, dilute outfit jewelry and ordinary jewelry, glamorous accessories, shoes high heels is bad form.
It is also important to wear the right hairstyle: long hair or pony tail is exactly what you need, and the perfect styling (just from the salon) will cause the smile experts.

Unacceptable. Grunge breeches in combination with heels, absurdly glamorous top and the usual summer bag.

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