кислородная капсулаDaily stress, poor environment, somatic diseases in the worst way affect the body, draining and weakening it. To restore health and to charge the body with new strength, strengthening the immunity, help physiotherapeutic procedures, focusing on the overall recovery, slow process of aging, rejuvenation and tonus of the organism. Oxygen capsule – one of the innovations that serve for the benefit of youth, beauty and Wellness.


Breath is life

Oxygen capsule is a camera that fits the entire body, head, as a rule, remains outside. The procedure, during which the person resides in an oxygen capsule, is called oxygenotherapy. Treatment with oxygen in the capsule is the impact on the organism gas mixtures with high content of oxygen. Depending on the indications for therapy and features of the device, oxygen therapy can be combined with other types of relaxing or toning therapies.

How important oxygen for any living organism that knows even a child. Without it it is impossible elementary breath, and life. This gas is involved in all processes of the body, it is not possible without the work of organs and systems. Fatigue, stress, headaches, insomnia and other disorders of the psycho-emotional and psychosomatic may have roots in the lack of the body of oxygen. Fresh air when staying in the city for the modern man is becoming increasingly difficult, and they have to find alternatives.

Oxygen capsule is not just a replacement saturation of oxygen in the conditions of everyday life. Oxygen therapy is a full complex of physiotherapeutic effect on the body, nourishing it, restoring, regulating the work of all organs and systems, improving health, relieving stress and tension, allowing effectively to struggle with excessive weight and a quick recovery after surgical interventions.


Indications for oxygenotherapy

Oxygen enrichment is no excess, therefore, oxygen therapy in the absence of contraindications to it could be recommended as a universal procedures to strengthen the immune system, enhance metabolism and improve the General well-being. This procedure is a real salvation for those who suffer from disorders of the nervous system with subsequent somatic manifestations.

The main indications:

  • diseases of the respiratory system (bronchitis, bronchial asthma)
  • skin diseases, dermatitis, psoriasis;
  • hair loss;
  • dim atonic skin, prone to sagging;
  • the skin after an intense UV rays;
  • sleep disorders;
  • headache, migraine;
  • chronic fatigue syndrome;
  • stress, neurosis, depression;
  • weak immune system;
  • violations of metabolism;
  • need rehabilitation after injuries and operations;
  • figure modelling (oxygenation should be combined with other weight loss methods, for example, with anti-cellulite massage).


Smart help the body

Periodic stay in an oxygen capsule shown to people engaged in active mental activity. In the lack of oxygen to the brain becomes more difficult to function fully. Fatigue, stress, lack of sleep, poor eating habits lead to violations of memory, forgetfulness, difficulty in concentration. To oxygenation can be treated as when necessary for effective work of the brain, for example, in the period of examination, or the development of challenging projects and as a preventive procedure that supports brain function.

People who practice sports or periodic physical activity can reduce pain and tension in the muscles with oxygen therapy. Oxygen dissolves quickly lactic acid that accumulates in muscle tissue, causing pain and tension.

Oxygen capsule enables you to refresh your body, because thanks to highly concentrated oxygen is updated on a cellular level.

The improvement of cellular respiration gives the body a powerful impetus to the rejuvenation: run processes of detoxification (getting rid of “waste”) and regeneration (restoration of broken relationships in cells, tissues). The formation of new collagen-elastin connection, the skin gets tone becomes elastic, supple and radiant.


Additional therapy in an oxygen capsule

Supply of the gas mixture with a high concentration of oxygen, proved a good way for the prevention and recovery of the organism, but you can improve its efficiency. For that producers oxygen capsules or cameras include a number of features of their units such as music therapy, aromatherapy with supply of essential oils, aeroionotherapy, which help to fight colds, rhinitis, tonsillitis, and other acute or chronic respiratory diseases. To improve blood circulation, to open the pores, to accelerate the lymph circulation, relieve tension in the muscles will help mode dry saunas oxygen capsules. It is suitable for people with no contraindications to high-temperature regimes, including violations of the heart and blood vessels.


Contraindications to oxygenotherapy

Should not be a problem in an oxygen capsule with malignant and benign tumors, with heavy losses of the respiratory system, the respiratory disturbances, active tuberculosis lungs. Contraindicated capsule with hysterical neurosis, fever, increased body temperature, coronary heart disease and heart failure, hypertension of the second degree, moved cerebral strokes, violations of cerebral circulation, hemorrhagic diathesis and other skin diseases. More details will be provided by the doctor during individual consultations.

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