кислородная мезотерапияOxygen is positioned as the basis, without which impossible the normal functioning of any living organism, and it is true. Without oxygen cannot do and leather, which suffers from the daily stress in the form of OPELOUSAS it environment with annoying pollution and stress. To restore harmony and gaining shop were invented many different methods, one of which – oxygen mesotherapy is gaining popularity in the modern beauty salons.

Very often (and promotional articles beauty salons only warmed this belief) between oxygen mesotherapy and bezinektsionnoy put a sign of equality, but this must be an important clarification. Oxygen mesotherapy is a procedure without skin punctures, but no needle mesotherapy as a class is not necessarily oxygen. The most important difference of oxygen mesotherapy is that it is produced by means of device that delivers oxygen cocktail, while classical mesotherapy involves the injection syringe or other injection. But the advantages of oxygen mesotherapy is not limited to beskonechnym way of introduction, its use is much wider.


Second breath

Surely you have noticed how dull looks like your skin, if you some time denied regular access to fresh air. Not for the better changed its color, appear bumps, irregularities, clogged pores. And what transformation after a few days out of the city, somewhere in the nature or at the sea: the skin becomes smooth tone, smooth, shining. She truly breathes, and not just the air and air saturated with oxygen, which is so lacking in big cities with him crazy rhythm of traffic jams and General slagging. Oxygen mesotherapy – first aid for skin, the owner of which have to spend a lot of time in harmful conditions.

The principle of oxygen mezoterapy is the introduction of oxygen under the skin by a point of introducing without puncture through a thin needle under pressure. To make this a clever manipulation of a special apparatus – oxygen mesotherapy is part of hardware cosmetology. During the selection procedure in cosmetic cabinets next to its name, you can see such terms as Bio Oxygen, Oxy Jet and others. All of this is usually the name of the device, which is made of oxygen supply.


Indications for oxygen mesotherapy

In addition to a General tonic effect on skin that does not hurt anyone, oxygen mesotherapy is shown as regular or periodic methodology for the restoration of the skin in different States. For example, it is smokers who, in addition to other negative influence of nicotine on the body, have big problems with the skin, taking unhealthy dull grayish shade. Highly recommended course of oxygen mesotherapy upon return from leave, when the skin parched by ultraviolet rays. Regular sessions can be conducted for people with problem skin prone to easy clogging of the pores, the owners of dry and irritated hypersensitive skin, as well as those who have to spend a lot of time under the air conditioning.

The oxygen cosmetology, there are indications that brings her with classic invasive. This facial rejuvenation (wrinkles, tone), the removal of scars, giving the skin radiance of youth, smoothing relief, acne treatment, prevention of dryness and peeling. All this is possible because in the course of the session of oxygen mesotherapy skin is not only vital O2, but a good dose of nutrients, vitamins, without which its normal activity is difficult. Composition oxygen cocktail for this procedure depends on destination. So oxygen mesotherapy can be protracted, but the effect is noticeable, as a rule, already after the first session.

The air we breathe contains up to 20% oxygen, and the skin may be insufficient. In the course of mesotherapy its concentration exceeds 90%, the skin gets a powerful charge, thanks to which dramatically increases the speed of oxygen metabolism in cells, increases metabolism, there is a rejuvenation of cells, tissue regeneration, skin is inside, outside getting the tone, elasticity and radiance. For more effective influence of the oxygen jet procedure of mesotherapy is preceded by a thorough cleansing and peeling, freeing the surface of the skin from dead skin particles.


Necessary restrictions

Oxygen mesotherapy should be wary of pregnant women and people who are prone to allergic reactions. In the first case, the course is better to postpone, in the second beautician should carefully consider the composition of a cocktail. In the rest of the oxygen mesotherapy contraindications are not marked, and all thanks to the absence of skin punctures, which are inherent in the traditional injection procedure.

Course oxygen mesotherapy includes up to 10 procedures weekly intervals. Aerobatics course – introduction of pure medical oxygen without extraneous impurities mesotherapeutic components. These courses are particularly indicated fading skin, lost toned, healthy glow.

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