Пако РабанSpanish fashion is always different from other European bold materials and innovative ideas in design with essential use of avant-garde motives. You can judge about this, seeing at least one of the collections of the house of Balenciaga, or something of the early Paco Rabanne. And although the Creator is considered to be the last French fashion designer, its origin played a huge role. Paco Рабан became one of the most significant figures in the fashions of the sixties, which to this day is admired, and where shamelessly borrow ideas from modern couturier.



Paco Рабан was born in 1934 in Spanish San Sebastian, where his first Fashion House a few years before this opened Cristobal Balenciaga. There was his mother, influence and assistance which proved decisive in the fate of her son. When the father died, Рабан together with my mother and grandmother moved to France, where and formed his artistic taste, and where the boy realized that invent clothes he likes the most. Then his name was still Francisco Рабанеда and Cuervo – pseudonym n take later. Like many of his colleagues, he began his journey designer clothing immediately and went to him from architecture, which is largely influenced his face fashion, as it happened with Christian Dior and many other masters. Having moved to France, he began looking for part time in the famous fashion houses – it took Givenchy, Dior and Balenciaga, each of which has a different effect on the taste and future vision of fashion designer.

Modeling Рабан began with the manufacture of original jewelry for applied the available plastic – malleable grateful material, allowing to create unusual accessories. Even the first collection of clothing Rabanne, which he presented to the public in 1966, was made not from traditional fabrics, namely of new experimental materials. It was a breakthrough young designer, whose works were warmly accepted as colleagues, and buyers. The press put the birth of a new name in fashion, and it really appeared. Francisco Рабанеда became Paco Рабаном.


Fashion experiments

The rebellious spirit of experimentation continued to disturb creative flair Rabanne, which created clothing and accessories using paper, metal skin, feathers. Futuristic ideas in the sixtieth years, were at the peak of popularity, because then the fashion created the legendary Курреж and Balenciaga, whose dresses-trapeze straight hard lines and intricate architectural forms appeared not only on the podium and magazine covers, and movie screens, that at all times was considered the epitome of success for any creative person, whether designer or composer.

Inspired by the international recognition of Paco Rabanne thought about the production of perfume products, which also made a revolution. He just took and turned upside down view of the male and female perfumery and notes, which should have. In 1969 appeared his first fragrance for women, Calandre, which was referred to the group of flower’. The song was working Michel And harmoniously delicate floral chords mixed with Oriental with notes of giving women’s парфюму a special charm. In 1973 brand Paco Rabanne has released the first male toilet water and again the unexpected. If earlier the men’s fragrances have терпкими, deaf, Рабан not afraid to make their floral. Perfume by Paco Rabanne pour Homme by Jean Мартелем, was placed in a recognizable green bottle that only emphasize its original composition.

Currently aromas Paco Rabanne occupy a special place among the other members of its class. 1 Million and Million Lady, Black XS for him and for her, Ultrared Man and Ultrared Woman and of course the famous Ultraviolet years depart not from the shelves of perfume boutiques and are leaders of sales.

By the beginning of the new Millennium Paco Рабан decided that he wanted to work for the benefit of practical fashion, so renounced their former avant-garde beliefs, immersed in the pret-a-porter. The face of the brand Paco Rabanne is not without inclusions from the past, designer happy applies and metalized fabrics, and hard cut and sharp shoulders, and this is not surprising. His work does not stand on one place, but Рабан does not change yourself, continuing to build the fashion of the future with the influence of the past.

His collection is often compared with Balenciaga, vision, definitely influenced Rabanne more than anyone else. But if Balenciaga is a shock, Paco Rabane are chic. Clothes for courageous and confident, not afraid to Shine in his dresses, casting the petrol divorce, classic silver or gold.

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