Aquarium design of nails gel: technology and creative ideas

It’s safe to say that aquarium design of nails gel is one of the most fashionable novelties in the field of nail design. This is not surprising because the experts of this industry with the help of simple things – toppers, accessories, dried flowers, foils and other decorative elements create real works of art – fantastic, beautiful images of any complexity. It is worth noting that aquarium […] Read More →

Nails: their meaning, structure, and nail care

Why do we need fingernails? They stayed with us from our ancestors, through evolution as it transformed itself from the claws. Before we needed claws for rough manual work. They protect the skin on their fingertips, before they helped to seize prey or to tear them apart. Now the nails still protect your fingers, but do not have those dimensions, as previously […]

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Fashion nails 2017

Manicure is not only caring for the nails and coating them with varnish, but the real art. Through manicure women can Express themselves, to do complete your look and stand out. Every season in the industry of nail care, there is something new and unusual. Preparing for the presentation it is necessary to trace not only as a visual […]

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The purity or beauty? Sterilization in the nail

The need for disinfection and sterilization of instrument heard everything. Clients are rightly demanding in this matter. The task of the master to protect themselves and each client, maintaining cleanliness and sterility. For this you can use different types of sterilizers. Their differences lie in the method of impact, speed of procedure and cost. Hot-wardrobe — effective, but, unfortunately, not the most common sterilizer […]

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Types of manicure and their features

What a difference a man or a girl? Each person’s hands and nails must be in perfect condition. Today, well-groomed hands – is the mark of an educated man. When you visit a salon eyes and run away from the types of manicure, but not everyone knows that each of them implies. A similar situation exists with the choice of a store with a good selection of children’s clothing. […]

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Preparing for kapitalnomu season

Every spring begins for girls in the same way. They all begin to lead yourself and your body in order to buy tickets in fitness clubs, plan a vacation. Of course, no one can not do without search elegant swimsuit. The fashion trend of this season are swimsuits style “halter”. They prefer girls with a sports figure. So if you buy a swimsuit will accentuate the embossed tummy, beautiful shoulders […]

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The art of caring for nails and feet

Attention to nails and toes, no less important than caring hands. Translated from the French, pedicure means care of feet feet. This procedure includes getting rid of calluses, exfoliation, buffing of the nails. Orderly fashion nails on Rokach and feet, Kaida woman raises not only your mood, but also self-esteem. […]

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The key to quality manicure

Job masters of nail service associated with a risk for vision, especially in the artistic decoration of the nails, removal of cuticle and other delicate work. Therefore, special importance in the organization of the workplace manicure Cabinet is to create optimal light levels. In the office there should be natural light, the main and additional light. Often, for better and safe performance of the work used lamp […]

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What do women want? Continued

Britain in the early twentieth century, Britain was considered the center of plastic surgery. Here came the best specialists and the most famous beauties from all over Europe. Now it is not so. If in Paris, there are over 200 of surgeons-plastics, then in London only 40. Women primarily increase the volume of the chest and hold facelift. And increasingly, they’re going to do it […] Read More →

French manicure in a simple implementation

You know, how did the French? By all means accentuate the feminine beauty, always been invented because of a pressing need, and a jacket proof. In the 80 years of the film industry of Hollywood was faced with a daunting task. Frequent change of styles of paintings made Actresses constantly change the color and shape of nails. One of the Directors turned to the enterprising founder of the company “orly”, which was Jeff Pink, the request […]

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