нежно-розовый маникюрWhat could be more charming and feminine pink tones? With the birth of girls dressed in pink stuff and big girls maintain love for this shade. So pale pink manicure has not lost its popularity even not by years but by decades. He is always up to date, however, it can look very different depending on the fashion trends.


Very soft

Manicure in pink is a timeless classic. Extreme blue, green and even black tones were used for nails recently. Pink yellow white nails have always been considered attractive.

Of course, the color pink has many shades, each of which has its attractions. However, the lighter and softer color, so it is versatile. Pink neat nails as appropriate in the office with a strict dress code and a date and at rest, and even in a medical facility. Differently perceived bright pink tone, which immediately attracted televised. This does not mean that light pink shades of boring and not attractive enough. Just their charm is revealed gradually.

Using a soft pink lacquer, you can not be afraid to go beyond good taste. With all the richness of choice of colors, pink lacquer remains the most popular due to its versatility. It’s hard to think of a situation in which a pale pink manicure would seem inappropriate. It is difficult to find a person like this manicure did not like.


Shades and textures

Warm pink color – soft coral, pink, Nude, yellow, pink, and others – are ideally suited to both pale and tanned skin. Such tones look natural, give the impression of grooming and suitable for almost any style – from business to extravagant.

Cool pink shades, such as lilac-pink, not recommended for those who have skin prone to redness. But on a slightly tanned or Vice versa, snow-white skin such nails look perfect. Cool pink shades romantic and tender, flirtatious and charming.

Choose pink lacquer can be hard enough to pick the perfect color, you also have to pay attention to the texture. Pink is good in any form – matte or glossy, with large sequins or delicate shimmer, pearl or gloss. Looks very impressive manicure that combines different shades of pink (not necessary to mix cold and warm tones) or different textures of the same hue.


Perfect combination

Universal light pink color look perfectly combined with a variety of shades:

  • Pink with white – true classic manicure, whether it become classics of French or more actual “moon” variety. If you want to manicure looked gentle, feminine, Flirty and attractive – a combination of pink and white will be the perfect option;
  • Pink with black. This combination seems extravagant. On a pink background black graphic image inevitably catch the eye and attract attention;
  • Pink and brown. In combination with brown is better to use warm shades of pink. This combination causes the “pastry” Association – with a cream cake or chocolate with strawberry filling. Accordingly, the owner of a pink-brown manicure surely will seem to others “sweet” woman;
  • Pink and gray. But gray is better to combine cool pink tone. This combination is perfect for business women who want to look strict, but at the same time do not want to hide their attraction;
  • Pink and purple. Ultra-feminine combination, which is particularly well suited for the evening. Pleasure pink-lilac nails will also look as well as possible;
  • Pink and green. More recently, this combination seemed impossible, but today, designers unanimously found it to be very relevant. The combination of light green and pale pink or have pink and dark green reminiscent of spring flowers and Apple orchards. These colors are a wonderful choice for nail Polish in the romantic style;
  • Pink and blue together look a little bit childish. The youth of today in fashion – even Mature women allow themselves to dilute Prim toilets lovely details. The pink / blue combination would especially look good on short, like children’s nails;
  • Pink and red is a great combination, it is only important to choose the right shades that they harmonize with each other. With these colors you can create extravagant or delicate manicures for women of any age and any style.


Ideas for manicure

For pink manicure can be plain, no frills – just a gentle neat nails. Will also fit the classic French manicure. If the dress code in the office is not very strict, traditional pink nails with white tips can be supplemented with charming details – lace painting, tiny rhinestones, sequins, miniature images. Abuse décor at work should not be, but if you decorate one or two of the nail, the result is very impressive.

But on vacation you can afford even the most daring design. Best pink color is ideal for floral motifs. Bows, hearts, and other delicate ornaments will also be very helpful. Those who can not draw, is to experiment with abstract designs, stripes and simple images.

You can never waste time on creating images on nails, but just to do a manicure using nail polishes of different shades of pink, or with a different texture. So, it will be interesting to look alternation of sparkling and matte nails. Looks great and gradient manicure in soft pink tones.

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