панталоныMany over them laugh and don’t let us in line with other parts of linen. What a blatant fashion injustice, because when the panties were the only possible variant of the male and female underwear. Moreover, panties capable to warm the cold of the Russian winter, the most intimate part of the body – superpopular Thong unable to cope with this burden. Such an attitude to панталонам spread, but in reality the same fashion on these funny pants slowly returning.


Linen history

Who would not let go of jokes in the address of his trousers, what only epithets them not rewarding? Historically, they have a very rich past, and they were the forefathers of all styles of modern cowards. Its name panties received from the character name of the Italian Commedia Dell’arte Pantalone, wearing a long, narrow trousers. Since the seventeenth century cropped pants began to wear panties men and then the women in the locker room where everything takes on a special form and sexual innuendo. Until the beginning of the twentieth century panties were an integral part of women’s underwear, until finally, beautiful floor dared to throw the first corset and then wear daring panties, similar to modern, shirts that do not cover not seductive ankle with caviar and hip entirely.

In the fifties about panties, seem to have forgotten completely, because the beaches and the bedrooms were given a miniature bikini – woman finally freed itself from the once mandatory pants, knee-length. But there it was. In the late twentieth century and the dawn of the twenty-first world was enveloped mania slimming and harmony at any cost. Want to lose weight – to observe a diet and do sports, and while you’re doing this and to perfect body away, wear waist pants that will make others think about your volumes are better than they really are. Panties back and leave does not gather. How much on them not to bantered, they really are too good to give them up.


Modern panties

In our days the need for the trousers are not exclusive to those women who aspire to pull her figure, hiding from others hated folds. Panties feel fine in the departments of underwear and do not stay there for a long time – they are popular and is yet another historical fact. It happened very simply, today the fashion retro, especially in the underwear that with each new fashionable season refuses to expose a woman as before, trying order to cover her body. However, modesty is clearly not the quality of modern trousers, because their image is far from being a modest and respectable.

Enough to flip through several directories online store underwear to see how sexy can look panties. Very popular with women models, reminiscent of their progenitors of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, of shining fabric with a drawstring at the waist and with wavy ruffles at the bottom. Designers underwear successfully make these details are part of the seductive feminine night ensembles, allowing them to be combined with tight лифами-corsets, spacious silk night-shirts or shirts of transparent fabrics. The most popular models of natural colours shades of beige. This is not surprising, because panties, especially satin line coquettish frills themselves look sufficiently original to allot additional eye-catching design elements.

Corrective panties – is part of shame for a woman who tries to hide the disadvantages of the figure. Typically, these trousers are made of very dense tissue, effectively lifting all convexity, creating under your clothes perfectly smooth surface of the body. Qualitative corrective panties have to cover a large part of the hip and waist, have flat seams, no twist and not dig into the body. Manufacturers of high-quality corrective underwear supply panties anatomical forms that allows women to pull in the required area (the abdomen and buttocks), but do not feel the stiffness.

A revival in popularity of his trousers seems restoration of historical justice, although these panties still not taken anybody to show. Except that the man who should appreciate different images of his lover or girlfriend who wants without problems squeeze their hips in a form fitting dress.

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