брюки бермудыWhatever may be said, Bermuda is a matter of taste. It is best to revisit your old wardrobe and replace your old pants to new Bermuda in may. At this time is usually warm weather. Bermuda pants can be worn in the warmer months, the main thing, correctly to pick up a suitable option.


How did the Bermuda

Bermuda shorts – long shorts below the knees. They appeared in the XIX century, when British military personnel of the Navy were dying of heat on the archipelago of Bermuda, they were allowed to shorten pants. To give formality appearance, these short pants were complemented with high socks, a blazer and regimental tie. Belize soon became a part of the national costume in the archipelago. After the war Bermuda shorts were worn everywhere.


Kinds of Bermuda pants

In the twenty-first century Bermuda firmly entrenched in a summer wardrobe. They can be worn in different ways, the one thing Bermuda does not combine, it with socks and sandals. Bermuda shorts with patterns can be complemented with accessories. Small handbag, leather loafers , elegant and at the same time relaxed.

Bermuda elegant look with a blazer and shirt. Lively and bright color will give the complete ease.

Bermuda size corresponds to the size of trousers or jeans. Very often we are faced with the universal system of sizes where the different matching: XS = 28, S = 29 to 30, M = 32, L = 34, XL = 36, etc.

Depending on the length of Bermuda shorts are distinguished three styles:

  • sports: the shortest
  • elegant: at the knees
  • casual: Bermuda cover the knees

Bermuda sports style suit for sports.

Elegant Bermuda appeared at the end of 2010, when the creators of high fashion tried to present in her shows short suits. Elegant Bermuda shorts in length to reach the knees, they are straight cut. They can be monochrome (black, white, grey, beige) and patterns (in the cell or often in the strip).

In the case of casual style it comes to the Bermuda shorts that cover the knees, in the form of “cargo” and big pockets on the sides. Sometimes their length can reach up to mid-thigh. They come with slips, plain or with original motifs. Bermuda shorts can be cotton twill or linen. It is very comfortable, practical shorts that are perfect for the weekend or a holiday.


How to choose Bermuda

You can find and buy Bermuda shorts multiple styles and for different occasions. If you prefer to remain elegant in all circumstances, stay in Bermuda, straight cut. Do not forget about your physique: if you are of small stature, it is better to choose shorts that are visually “lengthen” the legs.

You should pay attention to the fact that the original Bermuda in form similar to trousers chinos. Usually they are made of a cotton twill beige color. Generally, in Bermuda four pockets, two of which are located on the back of the buttocks and fastened by buttons. Straight-leg shorts provides access of air to the feet and does not hinder movement. The length of the Bermuda shorts just above the knee.

Recently appeared denim Bermuda shorts: straight or slim, original blue or black color.

If your taste Bermuda shorts with patterns and ornaments, don’t forget that there are certain rules of combinatorial objects wardrobe. For example, if you choose Bermuda shorts with bright patterns, t-shirt or shirt should be in dark colors. Conversely, dark Bermuda will be combined with bright top.

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