парафиновая ванночкаParaffin, in fact, is the wax oil-based. In therapeutic purposes paraffin wax is applied in the form of baths, or compresses. After applying the liquid paraffin on the skin, the patient’s body for twenty minutes turns into polyethylene film. Inside this cocoon generates heat, especially useful for the skin of hands. Paraffin bath will help to extend the youth of the skin.


Softening properties of paraffin

Paraffin wax in the form of mineral oil has wonderful soothing properties, that is why paraffin baths and wraps are some of the most popular salon beauty treatments. To enhance the effect and a pleasant fragrance in paraffin add essential oils. In addition to the cosmetic effect paraffin able to exert a therapeutic effect with such a serious disease as scleroderma. One of the typical manifestations of scleroderma is increased production of collagen, which leads to thickening and AgroBioStim skin. With the defeat of the internal organs and a high level of collagen, the patient experiences pain in the joints, stiffness and circulatory disorders. Paraffin completely safe, however, to apply the melted wax should only healthy skin, no open wounds and cuts. Allergy paraffin from the use of baths and wraps should be abandoned.


Arthritis treatment

Chronic arthritis pain and less mobility of the joints. Studies have shown that the thermal therapy has a very beneficial effect on the affected arthritis joints, in particular for arthritis recommended bath of molten paraffin.


The removal of chronic pain

For acute injuries to relieve swelling, as a rule, apply cold, but in the case of musculo-skeletal disorders applied thermal therapy, in particular paraffin baths. In addition to enhancing the mobility of joints, paraffin baths help to struggle with chronic pain resulting from fibromyalgia, sprains and muscle spasms. A significant drawback of paraffin many consider the impossibility of its use in extensive areas, but he copes with the removal of pains in knees, elbows and palms. Paraffin baths help to improve blood circulation, has anti-inflammatory effect and have a relaxing effect. Paraffin not only struggling with the pain and discomfort, but also helps to relieve stress and relax.

Paraffin baths are widely used to soften dry skin, rehabilitation therapy, in the treatment of the affected arthritis of the joints, bursitis, fibromyalgia, muscle rheumatism and problems with ligaments. Paraffin often assigned in cracks and displacement resulting from accidents or sports injuries, dermatology paraffin baths found their application in the treatment of eczema and psoriasis.


The principle of action of paraffin

Molten and heated paraffin wraps the body like a second skin, the moisture gets trapped and does not evaporate and is absorbed back into the skin. Saturation of cells with moisture, clears the complexion, soften the skin and improve its elasticity. In addition, the wax takes with him dead cells and a variety of pollution.

The heat that gives wax, contributes to the expansion of the blood vessels, which is very positive effect on the blood circulation. Good circulation in turn ensures proper circulation of nutrients in the blood by stimulating the processes of healing and recovery.



  • You cannot apply wax on damaged skin. Freezing, wax inhibit bacteria inside, and this can lead to the development of an extensive infection.
  • It is not recommended to apply paraffin baths at inflamed skin, it may cause burns, further inflammation and unpleasant pain.
  • Paraffin therapy is contraindicated for people with tumors and blastomas. The decision on appointment of wine form of thermal therapy in these cases, should take an experienced specialist.
  • Not recommended paraffin for people suffering from diabetes and vascular disease.
  • If paraffin causes an allergic reaction or sensitivity of the skin, the procedure should be discontinued.
  • If at normal temperatures, the patient complains that the wax too hot or cold, this may indicate undetected health problems.
  • Paraffin baths is not recommended for children, the elderly. The procedure paraffin therapy should be under the supervision of doctor in specially adapted for this conditions.


Preparing paraffin baths for hands and legs at home

You will need:

  • The block of paraffin wax (you can buy in the store)
  • About 30 ml of oil
  • 20 drops of essential oils such as lavender
  • A few drops of olive and coconut oils
  • A shallow pan, greased
  • Plastic bags


This bath ideal for hands and feet.

  • Melt in a double boiler paraffin together with essential oils and the required number of base oils.
  • Gently pour the wax into the tank and wait until formation of films on the surface of the wax that is, let it cool slightly. Test the temperature of wax on the skin of the wrist, if it’s all right, put your hands in the capacity of melted paraffin.
  • Pre-be sure to wash hands and olive oil or coconut oil.
  • In turn discouraged in wax a few times up until the hand is not formed of several layers of wax.
  • Then put on hands plastic bags (at this stage can not do without assistance) and wrap hands cloth.
  • To enhance the effect, put his hands under a thick bath towel.

Wax is easily removed, it is easy to remove large pieces, starting wrists. After you have cleaned your hands from wax, massage your hands and enjoy the result.

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