The beauty industry never stands is not the place, and there are always new means to care for themselves, their overall body and all its separate parts. Quite active in recent years, developing nail services, there are treatments for the hands and nails to make them more attractive, healthy and beautiful.
Collect all the variety of means nail care products in one place without having to search for them in different corners of the room will help the furniture Naberezhnye Chelny. If you are unable to choose the right equipment from the range, you can always make furniture to order in accordance with your personal needs.

With the onset of cold weather is becoming very popular paraffin. It helps to prevent the appearance of cold urticaria or eliminate the consequences of its occurrence. Dry skin that quickly weather-beaten, the formation of microcracks under aggressive influence of the environment is all testimony to the fact that to spend paraffin. Even one treatment has a beneficial effect and improves skin condition. To consolidate the obtained results it is recommended to conduct a complete course In ten weeks.
Парафинотерапия рук и ног - польза и противопоказания2
This procedure is often carried out as a preparatory step in the process of manicure. Pre-heated wax is applied on the prepared hands brush before dipping it for a while. Hands formed with paraffin on them gloves wrapped with polyethylene, covered with a woolen thermomineral, which can be made mittens. In this form, all should be left for about 15 minutes, then release the hands in the reverse sequence.

If all is done correctly, the wax comes off very easily. Its remains can be removed with a special oil that is applied to the skin after the procedure. Performing a gentle massage, you can start to make a classic manicure.

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