One of the most popular treatments for hands is paraffin. Using this procedure you can get rid of peeling on the hands, strengthen the nail plate, to slow down the aging process of the skin. A particularly useful procedure for women with dry skin prone to the appearance of microcracks.

To properly perform the procedure multiple times to enroll in paraffin in a beauty salon. It is best to look through the sites, as the prices of the services of a beauty salon may differ depending on the institution and level of skills of the master. Please note on the course of the procedure and do not hesitate to ask the master the nuances of its implementation.

How does paraffin

Paraffin wax applied to the skin creates a sauna effect. This is because the density of its mass accumulates the heat and gradually releases it to the skin. The result of which opened the pores through which toxins.
Косметический парафин 4
Also cosmetic paraffin wax contains a large amount of useful vitamins. As it begins to cool, it gives moisture to dry skin of hands.

Another of his property is lifting. When it cools, the wax is compressed, this compression is sufficient to tighten the skin on the hands.

Carrying out the procedure at home

Need a special paraffin wax with additives of vitamins, precious oils, you can buy it in stores selling professional cosmetics. Normal paraffin is not suitable because in addition to a warming effect does not bring any benefit. On average, about 500 gr. Re paraffin can not be used, so as not nutrients.

Pick up a bowl with high edges to melt a piece of wax on “water bath”.

While the wax is melting, spray the hands with a soft scrub to remove dead epidermis. Then apply on the skin cream or moisturizing mask for hands.
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In order not to get burned, the temperature of the paraffin test on the back of the hand. It needs to be not very hot.

Put your hands in the melted mass to the wrist, pull your hands and wait 7 seconds before its solidification. This dive should be made 7 to 8 times until a thick layer. Then wear polyethylene and insulate with towels.

Treatment time — 30 minutes, after which the wax is easily removed from hands without soap.

This simple procedure will make hands soft, smooth and will give them a well-groomed appearance.

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