парафинотерапияIn attempts to find an effective and painless way to maintain flexibility and beauty of the skin, the elasticity of the muscles, smartness shape and perfect oval face, a woman ready to try for yourself any procedures. Even those that are not secure enough. But there is a method, allowing safely and comfortably to achieve the desired results. Cosmetic paraffin gradually and carefully, gives warmth to those areas that are most in need. Being simultaneously soft relaxant and a stimulant, paraffin therapy allows to achieve excellent results in the preservation of the beauty.


How does paraffin

Paraffin – known and time-tested cosmetic procedure. The main effect of this therapy – thermal effect. Paraffin in the heated capable to warm the skin, subcutaneous fiber, muscles, and organs, adjacent to the skin. This creates the conditions of special microclimate in the area of application of heat. Due to the expansion of capillaries, increases blood flow to the warmed area. It improves oxygenation of tissues. Metabolism, resulting dissolve the inflammation, increases oxidation, which helps in the utilization of fat. Good perfusion of the sebaceous glands that are located in the deeper layers of the skin, normalizes their work.

Stimulates lymphatic drainage, therefore decreases puffiness tissues. With the flow of lymph is displayed toxic agents. Activates not only cellular immunity, but in the plasma of blood and lymph, increases the quantity of immune proteins that protect the body from infections. In addition, the muscles relax, as smooth and skeletal. By reducing muscle spasm pain is relieved smoothes wrinkles, removed stiffness of muscles. Heated paraffin stimulates not only thermal, but also tactile nerve endings in the skin. So run reflex influence, tightening the muscles. Improvement of neuromuscular transmission makes them more elastic. As improves nerve supply to the soft tissues, normalizes their food. As a consequence, the skin recovery is quicker. Significantly speeded up the processes of healing of skin defects.

Sweating skin, which operates paraffin, becomes abundant. Due to the effect of a steam bath and a softening of the Horny layer of the epidermis and stimulates its updating, decreases peeling skin. When the paraffin dehydration does not happen because paraffin retains moisture, as an insulator.


Where to apply paraffin

Therapy can be used on any area of the body that need stimulation or relaxation. The most popular areas are the feet and hands. The use of paraffin applications on the feet, can achieve easing pain in the ankle joints (if excessive overload or starting arthrosis). Normalization of muscular frame foot provides prevention and treatment of unstarted cases of flatfoot, infringements of gait. Calluses, corns, increased keratinization heels too difficult of paraffin. By improving the supply of soft tissues improves the condition of nails and okolonogtevogo rollers.

The brush is the most sensitive part of the female body. They are often subjected to harmful external influences, therefore the first to start issuing age. Youth prolongation of hands, and save them from deformations and wrinkles ideal paraffin baths. Using paraffin is possible not only to push the age changes, but also to adjust seasonal symptoms: redness, peeling, cracking.

Paraffin treatment in problem areas of the buttocks and the thighs help in the difficult struggle with cellulite. It is particularly revealing all the properties of paraffin: improvement of metabolism, burning of excess fat, lymph drainage.

Saggy skin and muscles of the anterior abdominal wall not only deprive the stomach external attractiveness, but it could become causes of umbilical and inguinal hernias, lead to the operations. In order for this not to happen, active physical exercises complement the paraffin.


Why safe paraffin

Paraffin is inactive substance produced in the process of chemical refining of oil, ozokerite, products, wood tar, brown coal. It is not absorbed into the blood, does not penetrate into pores and subcutaneous tissue, and does not accumulate in the body.

When the paraffin burns occur. This is because the heat penetrates to a depth of about two centimeters) and transferred to the tissues with low speed. The process of heating of tissues is going smoothly, without achieving high temperatures that can injure the skin. The procedure is not followed allergic reactions and does not фотосенсебилизация skin, i.e. after the application of paraffin, you can sunbathe, fearing heavy photocontact dermatitis.



Of course, every procedure is not carried out if it can harm the body. Paraffinotherapy is not applied when the skin is blotchy rash or purulent infection struck other soft tissues. When temperature is high, when all of acute infectious diseases paraffin contraindicated.

Ischemic heart disease (stenocardia, arrhythmia, chronic heart failure, bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, diabetes under decompensation not allow use of thermal treatments. Myoma of the uterus and cervical dysplasia limit the use of wax on the abdomen, thighs, buttocks, back.

Inflammation of the thyroid gland (thyroiditis), and improving the functional activity of the thyroid (hyperthyroidism) – absolute contraindications for the paraffin. It is prohibited to use this procedure to persons with Oncology diseases. Hypertrichosis and varicose disease of the legs also limit the use of wax.

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