пастельные цвета 2015Pastel colors 2015 fully in trend in the fall and winter of this year. They look absolutely fabulous in their softer, more muted shades that are actually quite novel for the cold seasons. While autumn usually reminds us of a more bright, vivid colors, winter months covered in snow, and mild to cool, with a subtle note of heat from the rays of the sun, which peeked out from behind gray clouds that hide the beauty of the sky.

Fashion trends autumn-winter 2015-2016 were quite clear: designers back in the 1970-ies, but also demonstrate movement toward the 80-ies and 90-ies, with its lace and transparent clothes. However, no matter what you are focused, you will also see a lot of pastel colors. Everyone used to believe that the innocence of pastel shades is more consistent warm months, with their gentle nature, spring beauty, baby blue hue and dusty pink, lovely lilac and soft yellow. But all of these colors appeared in the fall / winter 2015-2016, which attracted a lot of attention, bringing elegant complexity amazingly beautiful in the fall and winter collection. From Dolce & Gabbana to Prada, from Christian Dior to Missoni and Dries Van Noten, powdered pastels, certainly made an impression, rising to the top of the season.

Now no one can say that a bed is not suitable for winter. Whether it is soft almond biscuit or sweet sorbet colours, delicate pink cotton candy or baby pale blue, color trends, pastel shades for fall 2015 “podslastit” and will revive your wardrobe. Soft and delicate touch is what usually imagine when I think of pastel colors, there is a certain grace and sophistication in the woman in that outfit, whether it is whitish pink, mint green or elusive lavender shade.

But what you need to do to make sure that you correctly wear the trend pastels 2015?


Add color to your formal suit

Everyone knows that trends also tend to be more masculine images this year that makes use pastel versions of your favorite colors is much more interesting. Costume as such demonstrates the rigor and power, while pastels demonstrate femininity. Pastel suit both the more affordable option of clothing you will enjoy great comfort. Narrow straps, subtle studs and rich embroidery are added to the suits in pastel shades and create interesting combinations.


Decorate costumes-deuces and jumpsuits

As the new season is need to balance between masculinity and femininity, wear light colors are actually quite attractive and just what you need. Whether it is from warmer fabrics or this silk version pastel patterns, minimalism are very handy, especially with a gentle lavender, always accent the attention.


Add a bit of the sky in your world

Soft pastel colors sometimes moving in ethereal shades that look pretty amazing on dresses, cascading, flowing around the body, although not always reaching the floor. Translucent lace to sheer fabrics used to create some pretty fantastic outfits, ladies wear such clothing, in particular, mint green or pale yellow, like the angels, descended from heaven.


Pastels can be printed

Who said the prints only for bold colors? Add a picture, especially in black for maximum contrast against the background of pastel colors adds allure to any dress, top or other garment. It was a new trend of autumn-winter 2015-2016 Fashion Week and the models on the catwalks were irresistible. Fine prints looked great on dresses, and more abstract, complex drawings it is best combined with a powder coat.


Add pastel tones textures

In the season autumn-winter 2015-2016 obvious that the entire series of quilted patterns looks very good quilting creates an interesting type texture on pastel fabrics. Shimmering fabrics in gorgeous frosty shades were also very much. From blazers to jackets, quilted sweats to luxury press, the crowd was shown a totally awesome new way to wear gorgeous pastel shades in the fall of 2015.


Update your look with the garment caramel colors

Soft caramel color too dull, not sharp and not as bold as can be seen in confectionery. This is a more serious mint shade and “milk” versions of other colors that appeared on clothing faux fur, voluminous coats and dresses with combinations of pastels in the style of casual. Such clothes should be considered as the most of your new autumn / winter wardrobe, in which you have to combine pastels with everyday clothesthat you wear to work, on a date or just for a walk in the city.

Pastel trend at the top for some time, appearing in 2014, but getting used much better in 2015. You can wear these gorgeous shades in suits of any type, shoes and jewellery, and also in bags or hair accessories. You can combine pastel colors with their brighter counterparts, pale pink, for example, is added to hot color group – purple or lavender, combined with a deep color of purple amethyst. Contrasts create an exceptional opportunity to show the power of pastels.

You can also add another dimension in pastels with classic pictures or bolder prints. Color blocking is also a great way to freshen tone, clean and minimalist shades, while adding a delicate embroidery or interesting decorating style makes the image exciting, refined and expressive. To understand what that meant, you can also watch autumn collection Bottega Veneta, Jonathan Saunders and, in particular, Holly Futton 2015.

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