узоры маникюра Giambattista ValliAutumn / winter manicure trends 2015 offer so many amazing ideas how to cover the nails with interesting textures and patterns, however, inspiration doesn’t stop there. Fashion week fall 2015 offers a palette of interesting prints and patterns on the accessories and clothing, and if you turn the imagination, you will be able to use creative patterns manicure inspired by these motives.

From Dolce & Gabbana and Valentino to Versace and Gucci, every fashion house presented a unique theme patterns, which can be taken as a source of inspiration to create these fantastic images. Manicure inspired by the catwalks of autumn 2015, can be your guide to the beauty in everyday images in a whole new level, transforming your fingertips in strong elements that complement the outfits.


Floral nails from Giambattista Valli

Many liked autumn flowering shows Giambattista Valli – girl images, presents delicate lace, ruffles and tiny floral prints, which brought a high dose of cleanliness in the overall show. It was divine, romantic and so fabulously that it is impossible to forget about these beautiful models. The soft colors are flesh-colored and pastel shades contrasted with shades of black, which provides a stunning backdrop to add floral and zigzag patterns on nails that reflect the theme of the collection.


Gucci – floral and geometric design nails

Fashion show Gucci fall 2015 was the main highlight of all of fashion month with a new creative Director. It was certainly an impressive, distinctive collection, mixing bisexual feminine motifs with floral patterns. Thanks to the color palette, usually used with playful prints and interesting ways to combine them together, the new Gucci collection is just gorgeous, and it is quite possible to imagine a cool way to enjoy its magnificence as wisely as possible. To reproduce this nail design, you need a thin brush, nail Polish and acrylic paint, which will make the manicure a fun and creative process.


Motherhood from Dolce and Gabbana

Could there be a more perfect image for a clothing line than motherhood? Dolce and Gabbana make use of the best inspiring ideas for extremely bright, creative and beautiful collection in which it is impossible not to fall in love. Of course, it is very impressive prints and patterns that I would like to see on the nails of children’s drawings colored wax crayons and lush floral motifs to funny messages, pays tribute to moms or women in General. Combined together, they create a very complex and some extraterrestrial samples manicure, perfect for special occasions.


Home manicure by Olympia Le Tan

The ballerina was a good theme maiden autumn collection by Olympia Le Tan, in which it was possible to see so many impressive prints and patterns, normally used to accentuate the Flirty parts of clothing. The color palette was kept mostly in lovely pastel colours, there were interesting prints, which were enough to melt the hearts of the audience. Though not everyone can afford the luxury to see these beautiful images on your nails, is there a good way to experiment with these lovely patterns. Draw them on your nails, show off your fashionable mood.


Floral manicure by Burberry Prorsum

1970-ies continue to control the world of fashion, and Burberry Prorsum is one of the houses, which paid tribute to the era, bringing to the podium a lot of fringe, suede and Bohemian. The spirit hippie filled clothing is the most typical gorgeous floral images. Floral nail design never goes out of fashion and hardly ever get tired of you, because there are many ways to embrace this trend. Floral motifs seen at Burberry, are a good manicure, you want to see on your nails again and again.


Valentino fantastic nails

When it’s Valentino, it’s always a fairytale, fantastic, romantic and gorgeous. This applies to all forms and motifs, and the collection this year was no exception. Along with stunning prints, the Italian fashion house showed a floral theme and a frivolous motives that are instantly fascinating. Note the pleasant floral and frivolous nails design, borrowed from the catwalk fashion show Valentino that you will definitely want to play.

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