Peach Is the Trendy Hair Color to Try This Fall

Peach Is the Trendy Hair Color to Try This Fall

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When the air starts to get colder, hair colors tend to get warmer. Think creamy blond, spicy auburn, and chocolate hues. But if you’re really craving a fresh look this season, you should consider peach. “It’s a fun alternative to the traditional colors we’re asked for,” says Erica Liang, a colorist at Frederic Fekkai in New York City. While many people may think of it as a warm weather look, especially considering we saw celebrities like Lady Gaga sporting it over the summer, the rich undertones in peach make it a surprisingly flattering shade for fall.

“The vibrancy and warmth that radiates from peach hair reminds you of one of those breathtaking fall sunsets—totally Instagrammable,” says Paul Cucinello, owner of Cucinello Studio in New York City. “The thing you want the most is for your hair to brighten you up when the weather makes you feel drab, and peach will do that beautifully.” He explains that because peach has both cool undertones from the pink and warm undertones from the orange, it flatters many skin tones. It also imparts a gorgeous glow.

“Because of its neutral palette, it goes well with deeply saturated fall colors like deep green and wine. The peach’s warmth can bring a softer and airy feeling to a darker and colder color palette while also keeping the fall story in check,” adds Kali Ferrara, senior colorist at Roy Teeluck Salon in New York City.

The perfect peach is best achieved on lighter hair—whether naturally light or pre-lightened with bleach. Your hairstylist will use a semi-permanent color, which is also known as hair gloss, to add color and correct tone simultaneously. “It requires the right balance of very intentional hues so that the hair doesn’t look like a brassy mistake,” says Cucinello. If your hair is darker, he suggests getting copper highlights or bayalage first, and then overlaying the hair with a pink gloss for pretty pops of peachy color.

Just be warned that semi-permanent color doesn’t tend to last very long, says Liang. “It will start to fade around the second week, but a lot of people like the way it fades into a softer shade. So I try to anticipate that and usually go more vibrant when coloring.” If you do want to keep the color bright, she recommends going to the salon every two weeks for a gloss.

If you don’t have the time or savings for reoccurring appointments, Cucinello suggests having your own custom color treatment created by your hairstylist but designed to be used at home, pointing to his new favorite treatment, Fabuloso Pro by Evo. Between glosses, shampoo no more than three times a week and use a color-enhancing conditioner, like Overtone Peach Conditioner Kit (30; to keep your strands peachy keen.

Looking for inspo? We got you! Keep scrolling for images you’ll want to take to your stylist, stat.

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