A true fashionista girl can only be with the help of mom. There is nothing wrong to accustom the baby to the kindergarten or young person – attending nail specialist. If only a few years ago, all attempts to bring the harshly punished in schools teachers of the old school, today is not shameful to boast a stylish and beautifully decorated nails.
Quality made children’s manicure may originally be combined with other accessories: bags, shoes, bracelets, earrings. For example, the Hello Kitty backpack is very comfortable for little fashionistas. Most often, this accessory is executed in sports style. Many models are equipped with a drawstring top that allows you to zip up and tighten the backpack, and multiple pockets. Bright colors, textured embroidery, stylish three-dimensional appliques and comfortable shape make this attractive accessory is a real landmark little lady.
Детский маникюр 2
As for the original children’s manicure, it is designed not only to make the baby feel fashionable and beautiful. The procedure is an excellent prevention of onychophagia. This is a serious disease that is common among many children. It is accompanied by what the kids gnaw around the edges of the nail plate and the skin around it.

Visit nail specialist children is recommended at least twice a month. In this case, the crumbs are no different from adults who anxiously watched for the “nice nails”. This professional will not only handle handles, making them well-groomed. Children’s manicure clearly follows all the fashion trends prevailing in the nail area. Even the crumbs are offered aquarium and acrylic design. An experienced specialist if necessary will carry out competently and efficiently the procedure of escalating of nails. Execution kids nail design for special occasions and celebrations even suggests luxury inlay semi-precious stones and other non-trivial versions of the decor.
Детский маникюр 1
Because it is processed not only the plate and cuticle, and is held still and coating nails polishes, many of the baby carefully considering the future design. A manicure is often completed by painting with acrylic paints, sequins, rhinestones, fun appliques. Mostly nail art theme is stripes, flowers, butterflies, stars, images cartoon characters, insects. Impressive looks on the children’s fingers manicure, just made with different colors of nail Polish.

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