пилинг в домашних условияхSalon treatments for the skin, such as peeling, always effective, but the price sometimes is a burden on the budget. In addition, not everyone has the time DL regular trips to the beautician. Quite another matter is peeling at home. This procedure takes a minimum of time, it is practically free, and the result may be better than in the salon.


What good is peeling?

Peeling in the salon or at home comprehensively affects the skin. The epidermis is cleaned of contaminants, including dirt, which has penetrated into the pores. Flaking off the top dead layer of the skin, and thus improves the complexion, the skin is renewed. Irregularities on the surface of the skin become less noticeable, and sometimes disappear after a course of treatments. Finally, it improves the circulation and respiration of the skin, and the skin becomes more susceptible to a variety of cosmetic masks and creams.

Beauticians knowingly recommend to do peels regularly, especially those who live in the city with polluted air.

Course update procedures can do wonders: the skin becomes soft and smooth, making it healthy hue, smoothed. Any masks and creams, including rejuvenating deposited on a deeply cleansed, be more effective. So, a person younger eyes.


Homemade peeling

In the salons offer many procedures to cleanse the skin. Mechanical cleaning and chemical peels, deep and superficial, significantly improves the skin condition. Almond, milk, glycolic, fruit – names peels sound very attractive, and the results of the procedures promises to be stunning.

Many peels you can easily do at home. They can be mechanical or chemical – both of them very effective, but the principles of their actions differ.


Mechanical peeling

Means for mechanical peeling fall into three categories:

  • Scrubs include solid particles, which have an abrasive effect that is literally grind the surface of the skin. As scraborough particles can be used slices of apricot pits or walnut shells, ground coffee, sugar, sand, mud, salt crystals. Scrubs are applied to the skin with light rubbing motions and a few minutes later washed off with water. Thus cleaned pores, smoothes skin texture, and light massage improves circulation;
  • Gommage affect the skin softer than scrubs, therefore, recommended to owners of sensitive skin. Products are applied on the face with soft massage movements, and then roll into small balls and removed from the skin. Together with exfoliation removes and dead cells, the skin becomes smooth and shining;
  • Mask with peeling effect. This includes mask film, which attract impurities and dead skin cells, and then remove them from the face. Peeling effect and have various masks with clay and mud – they “pull” the dirt from pores, leaving skin clean and soft;
  • Scrubs, gommage and masks for home peels are sold in many stores. Mechanical peels are good for oily skin, which is not very sensitive. They also can be used for skin care body. But you must consider that the hard abrasive particles may slightly injure the skin, therefore, has to be tempered by these tools.

It is important to use mechanical peeling. First of all, you need to thoroughly clean the skin. Many scrubs and masks, especially with a warming effect, it is recommended to apply on wet skin. The active substance in contact with water will warm up the skin, the pores open, and pollution of them can be easily removed. The same effect can be achieved if you put the mask on your face while taking a warm bath or after a shower.

After the procedure it is necessary to cool the face, the pores closed. Suited for this purpose a special lotion with astringent effect, or simply washing with cool water or wiping the face with an ice cube. Ice can be used decoctions of herbs – they will go the skin only benefit.


Chemical peels

Chemical peels – these are the funds on the basis of various acids (fruit, lactic, glycolic, almond, salicylic). Acids to exfoliate the top layer of the skin, its renewal. In addition, acid peels stimulate the production of collagen, thereby rejuvenating the skin.

At home chemical peels should be performed very carefully, not exceeding the duration of funds and increasing the concentration of acid. Otherwise, the possible skin burns.


Home peels

For acid peels at home will be suitable as tools that are sold in the pharmacy (for example, special kits for glycolic peels)and conventional products, which will be in any economy. For example, you can use different fruits and berries, which contain fruit acids. These products not only help to cleanse and refresh the skin, but will also fill it with energy vitamins.

For example, a good peels on the basis of raspberry, strawberry, orange, grapefruit or lemon juice. Very effective mask from the pulp of pineapple. To enhance the effect of fruit puree or juice can be mixed with honey. Such masks freshen up the face, make the skin firmer, improving its relief.

Mechanical peelings can also be done using a ready means (e.g., scrubs and gommage industrial production) or their analogues. For example, small, salt – proven generations the means to cleanse the skin and improve its elasticity. Skin cleansing salt is mixed with a drop of cleanser, apply massaging on the face and washed off. It is inexpensive but very effective tool that can be used for cleansing the body.

For dry and sensitive skin suit more delicate means, for example, the peels on the basis of oatmeal or rice flour. Such tools not only cleanse the skin but also nourishes it.

Maria Bykova

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