пилингPeeling is a great way to refresh the skin, and it can be done in many different ways. Today cosmetological clinics treatments mechanical, vitamin, chemical, fruit peel and so on. Really peel, you can use a wide variety of ingredients and apply them differently depending on the needs of the skin, and from the purpose of the procedure.


Mechanical exfoliation

Mechanical peeling is performed with the help of certain tools (brush, sponge) or substrate (corn, oats, rice, and so on). The effect depends on the intensity of the movements and type abrasive, which is used to soften and remove Rogaciov. During the procedure of mechanical exfoliation should comply with certain precautionary measures, excessive exposure to abrasive substances may cause skin irritation if you have too sensitive skin, exfoliation with powder from the pits, sea shells, it is better to refuse.


Chemical peeling

To update the skin, chemical peeling procedure used by a variety of ingredients: lactic acid, salicylic and glycolic acids, retinol (vitamin a) and enzymes (papain, bromelain and protease from bazalnah microbes). Alfa hydrocyclone (AHA) stimulate the update speed of epidermis cells, the formation of new cells and removing dead skin layer.

It is believed that the mechanism of action of alpha gidromolot connected not only with the stimulation of processes of renewal of skin cells. Research of changes of the pH level of the skin indicate that these acids affect the state of keratin relations, and low acid-alkaline balance of the skin, i.e. the impact of the solution alpha gidromolot, destroys proteins, thereby causing exfoliation of the upper layers of skin cells. Glycolic and lactic acid affect the skin on the same principle, with lactic acid improves the resistance of the skin.

Lipophilic nature of salicylic acid differs from structure of alpha gidromolot that allows it to penetrate into the hair follicle and cleanse the pores. Alfa hydrocyclone dissolve in water, and therefore, with the breakdown of fatty deposits deal very bad. Cosmetic products with salicylic acid are used in the treatment and prevention of acne, in addition salicylic acid has excellent anti-inflammatory action.

Scientists do not cease detailed study of the mechanism of action of gidromolot, but all without exception agree that exfoliate the outer layer of skin cells, improves skin texture, prevents wrinkles and excessive skin pigmentation.

Lactic acid is practically non-irritating, and more effective in the process of renewal of skin cells than glycolic acid.

Recently retinol is formulas many tools for peeling, first of all, because the skin can turn retinol retinoic acid, a substance with a powerful exfoliating and anti-aging benefits. Regular application of retinol able to slow down the natural aging of the body and reduce the harmful effects of sunlight.

Enzymes break down proteins into smaller fragments, thus softening the cells of the epidermis. Unlike alpha gidromolot, enzymatic activity does not depend on pH of the skin, but enzymes start to work only in combination with water and not able to provide too deep peels. Clinical studies have confirmed keratolytic nature of enzymes and effectiveness of their topical application procedures chemical peeling.


Plant extracts and substances for peeling

In exfoliating treatments often use rice bran and rice extract. The nutritional value of rice is known for hundreds of years, and on medical and cosmetic properties of this cereal mankind has learned very recently. However, rice bran has long been used to relieve inflammation and irritation, to soothe and purify the skin, especially in skin diseases. Ladies were available creams and lotions with extracts of rice, and a peasant woman to give the skin a healthy look used water, which was soaked rice.

Rice bran (the outer shell of the grain brown rice) is extremely rich in biologically active substances, in particular phytic acid, gamma-oryzanol and other useful herbal substances. Phytic acid stimulates peripheral blood flow in the condition of the skin, and also binds calcium ions, contributing to the weakening of intercellular adhesion and detachment keratinized layer of cells.

Gamma oryzanol, which is derived from vitamin B that is an ester of ferulic acid. This substance is an excellent antioxidant, softens the skin, in combination with rice bran and extracts eliminates irritation and soothes irritation.

Exfoliating treatments can be applied even when very sensitive skin, most importantly the right to choose equipment peeling and the proper ingredients. In beauty salons offer various types of peeling, but to refresh the skin and getting rid of the layer of dead cells and impurities can and at home with the help of products that can be found in any home.

Remember that exfoliation and cleansing of the skin of the face is a different procedure, they are not the same and should hold separately.

First, clean your face with the help of cosmetic products, which then rinse with warm water. Easy rubbing the skin with a soft towel acts as a gentle exfoliation.

At home you can prepare soda peeling: half a tablespoon of baking soda mixed with the same amount of soft jelly for washing, apply to face and easily massage your skin with circular motions for a couple of minutes.

Do not forget about regular exfoliation, and allow the skin to breathe and to be smooth and beautiful.

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