пилинг кожи лицаSurely you know that the condition of the skin depends largely on the care for her at home. It is very important to give her a bit of your free time. And glad that even at home you can have a good care for the skin. Moreover, experts suggest the possible mask a peeling for the face. So if you want yourself to do the best peeling for the face, we will explain how to do it.

Peeling skin can be done in different ways. You can prepare a variety of mixtures. For example, it can be done with the help of coffee. Once in the morning you can enjoy a fragrant Cup of coffee, don’t pour coffee grounds. It is best to use it for their own purposes. Apply to clean, damp skin with coffee grounds and let it slightly dry. Then massage in a circular motion, remove the coffee peeling skin. Then first with warm, then with cold water rinse your face. You will be convinced that this is a good mask a peeling for the face.

There are other recipes for homemade exfoliation. For example, you can use the clay mass. According to cosmetologists, clay is so effective substance that can even be used alone in its pure form. Because this clay mixture itself has a purifying adsorbent properties. But the effect was maximal and for extra nutrition, add to the mix the yogurt, sour cream, egg yolk and other ingredients. Note however that this mask a peeling for the face is not done more often than once a week.

Good result you will get if you will make the best mask for face on the basis of figs. This is a homemade scrub. To do this, pour three pieces of figs, half a Cup of boiled milk. Whisk in a blender. Add to the weight of two teaspoons of ground oatmeal. Do this peeling facial skin no more than once a week. You will notice the result. After all, this is a useful weight cleanses the skin. Besides, it is very fragrant and quickly washed off from the face. But if the mixture is too thick, dilute it with milk. You’ll like treatments at home!

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