пелоидотерапияThe mud treatment, which is a pelotherapy, known to mankind for many thousands of years. In the absence of medicines that we use today, it is curative mud were one of the main methods of treatment in the ancient civilizations. Their effectiveness was marked by accident and confirmed by year after year throughout this time that alternative medicine has passed from Ancient Rome and Egypt to the present day.


Correct dirt

Pelotherapy means use in the medical purposes the special mud, those that are colloidal mineral formations occurring in nature. Depending on their origin, they can be silt, mud, peat, each type its range of useful substances and therapeutic options.

The mud people used since ancient times, but then this therapy was more intuitive, because more attention to this method began to pay closer to our time, together with the development of chemical science and study of influence of various organic substances on a human body. Historical sources indicate that one of the motivating factors of attention to the application of mud therapeutic purposes became one curious fact. It was noted that in horses with a crippled leg, injuries faster delayed after they were some distance on the territory of certain water-mineral sources.

One of the most known sources for the healing of peloids always been the Nile river with its inexhaustible sludge, their sources of dirt were and are in China, India and other parts of Asia.

The southern regions of Russia still attract a huge number of tourists in the balneological thanks to the numerous mineral points on the map.


The ways of use of therapeutic mud

Methods pelotherapy developed during the use of therapeutic mud, they not only varied depending on the type and purpose, but depending on time. The most ancient method of mud called the Egyptian, he is applying the dirt on the whole body, as did the ancestors of the present inhabitants of the Nile valley. But peloids are highly concentrated structure, rich in vitamins, minerals, hormonal substances, and complete immersion in them can be a shock to the body, even in the ratio. Therefore, the currently applied methods with limited local mud applications, you need to have a full wrap, this used less concentrated peloid compositions.

As practice has shown, it is the local application on the area that requires treatment, or other part of the body can have a healing effect on the whole body.

After such application the temperature rises, increasing blood circulation and metabolism at first, on this site, and then applies to the whole body. Such a powerful influence of therapeutic muds allows you to use peloidotherapy as universal primary and secondary therapeutic technique that solves many problems.


The main indications and contraindications to pelotherapy

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (gastritis, peptic ulcer disease, gastro, hepatitis and other chronic diseases, but not in an aggravated form);
  • diseases of locomotor apparatus (exception – tuberculosis of bones and joints);
  • diseases of the nervous system;
  • vascular disorders (except for varicose veins);
  • post-traumatic and postoperative conditions.

List of indications to pelotherapy rather wide, as well, and contraindications. Any of these lists are not exhaustive, because the features of the application depend on the type of peloids, from the medical indications, and from the objective contraindications each patient. Among contraindications to the mud allocate all diseases in acute form, fever, fever, bleeding, diseases associated with metabolic and hormonal background.

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