Every woman dreams of a beautiful hands, smooth and soft skin, healthy nails. The salons offer a huge selection of professional treatments for your hands. But the desired effect can be achieved and at home knowing a few basic rules.

Box lock metal door – it is technically not a simple procedure because you need to take into account the design of the door itself and the material from which it is produced. This procedure involves the installation of a modern device to the new location of the canvas.
Идеальные руки: правила ухода2
The easiest condition of skin care hands is that they must be dry, i.e. after any interaction with water hands, you need to wipe. In addition, great importance is the quality of water from the harsh and cold water skin coarsens rapidly and is getting worse.
Choosing the soap needs to focus on its acidity, the most favorable will be the level m, as it is similar to the natural acidity of the skin. Hand washing is easy, if they are unclean, apply cosmetics or ordinary lemon.

Use hand cream. It should be applied morning and evening, and in the case of dry skin after every hand washing. Better to buy the cream in the composition, which includes feeding and healing substances. For example, chamomile has the ability to disinfect and heal, aloe moistens, and glycerin – softens. Please hand refreshing baths with sodium chloride (sea) salt or healing plants (mint, lime, sage). Skin perfectly smooth whey from milk. sauerkraut juice and broth of potatoes.
Идеальные руки: правила ухода
A more professional approach to the care of the skin is the use of masks, body wraps and peels. This procedure can be performed at home, using otshelushivayushie tools for face and body.

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