What woman does not dream about the perfect manicure? Unfortunately, luck never lasts as long as we would like. Decorative lacquer quickly cracks, climbed and spoils the appearance of the hands. Especially if you have to actively do housework. Not every woman can boast the natural beauty of their nails. Some resort to capacity. However, for some reason, this is not for everyone.
гель лак для ногтей 3
In 2008 there was a novelty – gel Polish harmony gelish. It is an ideal coating and combines the best quality decorative varnish and gel. Therefore, its popularity is growing rapidly worldwide among the masters of nail service.

What is its advantage over other polishes?

  • A wide selection of colors and shades allows you to choose the best option.
  • The unique formula ensures the durability of the coating.
  • Duration manicure ever persists up to two weeks and more.
  • Does not damage the nail plate.
  • The gel does not contain harmful substances, toxins and tar.

How to use the gelish harmony?

Before varnishing, be sure to degrease the nail plate with a special tool. Then apply a basic Foundation Gelish Foundation Base Gel in a thin layer and clip it under the UV lamp or an LED device. After complete drying, apply color nail harmony gelish selected hue. Finish Gelish Top It Off Sealer Gel consolidate the results.
Как самостоятельно нанести гель-лак?3
Gelish Nagumomu is a new technology in the fashion industry. Depending on the mood and image you can choose your perfect color. Due to the simplicity and ease of application suitable for both salon and home use. This saves time and money. Nail Polish remover has a traumatic effect on the nail plate. And its regular use strengthens the nail structure. All these factors make the gelish harmony the most safe and effective.

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