Everyone knows the woman’s age can be determined starting from the condition of her skin, neck and hands. To handle always looked wonderful, you must spend a lot of money or pay much attention to them. For example, a regular manicure. You can do this at home. Personal care will bring a lot of fun, and the handles will have a great healthy attractive appearance.
Идеальный маникюр – залог успеха каждой женщины3
Tools for long-term manicure own hands:

  • Manicure scissors with rounded ends;
  • Nail file processing;
  • Nail brush;
  • Polisher;
  • Wooden wand to remove the cuticle;
  • Bath for nails;
  • A special tool for bath;
  • Disposable napkins or clean towel;
  • Nail Polish remover;
  • Himself nail Polish favourite shade;
  • Укрепитель nails;
  • Fixing shiny coat.
  • For lovers of nails, you must buy UV lamp.

Himself manicure process consists of several stages:
Идеальный маникюр – залог успеха каждой женщины
1. Erase the liquid remaining old lacquer.
2. Подравняйте scissors.
3. Top of the file, and give the desired shape to each nail.
4. Brush clean all the dirt under them.
5. Type in a bath of warm water, add a tool or a regular sea salt. Hold in her hands for ten minutes.
6. Wipe them with a disposable cloth or clean towel.
7. Apply a special cream or lotion for removal of cuticles, and five minutes to push her wand.
8. If required, polished nails until smooth.
9. Apply daily moisturizer on hand and easy to massage them.
10. Again wipe nails nail Polish remover to обезжирились.
11. Apply on each nail transparent basis or укрепитель nail.
12. Apply the basic layer of varnish.
13. For long-lasting effect, coat of varnish to repeat.
14. Finishing touch to apply for drying nail or cover brilliant fixer.

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