With the advent of gel-Polish girls had the opportunity paint my nails less than usual. After a hike in the nail salon conventional Lac holds long – only a few days, regardless of its value and the manufacturer.

As everyone knows, a bottle of gel lacquer is expensive, besides for its application is required to have a special ultraviolet lamp under the light of which it freezes for a few minutes. Besides, you’re not going to always use the same color gel lacquer, you want to diversify nail design. Therefore, most girls prefer to manicure the coated in the cabin.
Идеальное покрытие ногтей на долгий срок2
When choosing a salon focuses on the firm gel lacquer, which it cover the nails. This may be jessica gel lacquer geleration, the well-known «Шелак» and other gel-lacquers popular. Should not agree to nail unknown gel-lacquers, that will ruin your nails. Remember that the coverage of long-term, so you should a high-quality coating.

The great value has the correct removal of the coating. Quality gel nail easily removed as follows: on each nail imposed a cotton swab dipped in a special solvent liquid. Then the wizard takes pieces of foil and обворачивает them your fingers. After a few minutes the gel nail easily removed by normal wooden sticks for nails. Its blunt end of the gel nail carefully removed the nail, without damaging the nail plate.
Идеальное покрытие ногтей на долгий срок
The gel nail – the perfect cover for nails, thanks to which the nails look great few weeks. This is a great choice for those girls, whose way of life does not allow them often paint my nails, but they want to look good with a brand-new day.

Article publication date: October 27, 2013

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