Many girls go with the manicure on the nails of medium length, dreaming of long and strong nails, however, I believe that to be the owner of a fine manicure almost impossible. However, it is not – there are many ways to grow strong nails that will not break from household chores.

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Why nails grow slowly?

The slow growth of the nails usually results from many causes. The normal rate of growth of the nail plate is 1.2-1.5 mm per week, but many this norm is not executed. This may be due to:

  • hormonal failure;
  • the metabolic disorders;
  • vitamin deficiency;
  • bad habits (Smoking, alcohol and nail-biting);
  • constant work at the computer.

How to grow strong nails?

As you know, the nails grow faster at a warmer ambient temperature. Because of this, the growth of the nail plate aktiviziruyutsya in may and is suspended in mid-October.
Короткая ногтевая пластина. Как скорректировать невыразительную форму
Also do not forget that long nails like the right shape – if the shape of the nail square or triangular, more pointed, it is unlikely that at constant grasping for objects nails will withstand this load. That is why many experts recommend a more natural rounded (Bezuglaya) the shape of the nails.

Plays an important role and nail care. When filing the nails, it is desirable to use a glass nail file or a plastic soft buffs, because a hard metal nail files often spoil the nail plate and cause subsequent delamination and weakening.
Гелевые ногти 5
And we must not forget about proper balanced diet, which will fill the body with trace elements, minerals and essential vitamins. This set will strengthen your nails from the inside. But outside they can additionally energize vitaminiziruet oils and creams.

The accelerated growth of home!

If the standard growth of nails is not suitable and you want to speed up this process, you can further look after the nail by means of the course of multi-vitamins, specialized therapeutic varnishes and special baths for strengthening the nail plate.
Укрепление ногтей биогелем 3
Make sure that the skin around the nail plate well moisturized is an important aspect for strong and long nails. For this you can use special moisturizing, firming and vitaminiziruet creams and special oils that can be found in any drugstore for a quite reasonable price.

Baths, commonly used with the main basic elements: sea salt, lemon, essential oils, iodine. Options recipes such procedures a lot.
Польза воска для ногтей1
One of the most common is: a mixture of sea salt (a tablespoon with a slide) and oil of fir or pine (enough just one drop). Don’t dip your fingers in too hot water – it will not bring any, but rather, may have a negative impact on the cuticle and the overall structure of the nail plate.

In any case, the nails will be useful for any extra meals vitamins and minerals necessary both externally and internally. Don’t forget that the internal saturation of nutrients is beneficial also for skin and hair.

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