Well-groomed nails not only look beautiful, but are a good indicator of the health of their owner. Therefore cannot be considered day-to-day care of nails something unthinkable. All it takes is one time to understand how much time and effort it takes. And 5-10 minutes to dedicate yourself your favorite can every woman.
Идеальные ногти говорят о хорошем здоровье!
No words, modern woman who wants to look beautiful and elegant, a lot of other cases relating to the care of appearance. She always solves any problems and looking for answers to questions such as, what kind of hair do, how to do makeup, or How to get rid of age spots on the face and to remove a couple of extra pounds until the weekend. However, this is not a reason to forget about the nails!

Just a few minutes a day can keep your nails in perfect shape. Here is the simplest program that is suitable for everyone.
Every day using a special brush to remove dead cells from the surface of the nail. After the procedure, lubricate the nails oil or hand cream.

Try every other day to treat cuticles special conditioning.

Podpilivaya nails every week, while maintaining their shape.

Every 10-14 days to do a full manicure and cover the nails with a beautiful lacquer.

Finally say a few words about the cuticle.
Идеальные ногти говорят о хорошем здоровье!2
The cuticle is to protect the nails from bacteria and viruses, created by nature. Only regular care can provide it a healthy appearance and elasticity. And savage cuticle not only looks terrible, but begins to become inflamed and split. In addition, the cuticle must be nourished with vitamin E at least once in 2-3 days, you should remember one important rule, not the implementation of which can lead to different nail diseases. Remember to cut the cuticle is impossible! You just need to peck dead skin, otherwise you can destroy the natural coating of the nail, having an antibacterial property.

In short, take care of the nails, and the radiance of health and cleanliness will be for you, thanks!

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