фотоэпиляцияUnwanted hair on the face and body a lot of inconvenience, first of all psychological, but the methods of solving this problem exist. One of them is the newest technology of removal of body hair – photo-epilation.

Anyone who would like to get rid of body hair, trying to make it most effective, but at the same time easy way. Shaving hair removal, waxing, tweezing and other traditional methods of dealing with unwanted hair, take a lot of time and do not provide the desired result. Salon hair removal requires regular repetition of procedures and offers no long-term effect. What is the advantages of photoepilation?

IPL-epilation is carried out using special apparatus, the procedure is suitable for both men and women, and also allows you to remove hair in sensitive areas, for example, on the face. Unlike laser depilation, photoepilation is able to handle larger areas of the body that have a positive effect on the duration and cost of the procedure.

In most cases the course of a certain number of procedures enough to get rid of hair for quite a long time. Photoepilation perfectly safe, the main thing is that it was conducted by qualified specialist.


The principle of photoepilation

To enhance the effect, in some clinics use the technology Chromolite that handles hair dual phase pulsed radiation, increased amount of light allows you to more effectively influence on the hair follicle, which collapses under the influence of powerful light emission. In this case involved two types of rays, red, and yellow, which in turn affect already existing hair and the hair follicle from which it grows.

Photo epilation is the most effective at removing hair in the active growth phase, but all of the hair may not be at this stage at a time, therefore, for a complete treatment of this or that zone multiple sessions are required. The specificity of hair growth on the body varies due to the peculiarities of the human body, so the specialists clinics select the number of procedures and regulate the intensity of radiation depending on individual needs.


Initial consultation

If you have decided to get rid of unwanted body hair and consider photoepilation as one of the possible ways, first consult a specialist. Feel free to ask questions about anything that interests you. The specialist will determine your type of skin, especially scalp, and will explain how effective that can be photoepilation in your particular case. During the consultation, to determine the degree of sensitivity to the procedure may be conducted by a special test, also this test allows to choose the optimal settings for photoepilation.

Not less than four weeks before the procedure, you should limit the influence of the sunlight on the skin. At first consulting a specialist explains the specifics of the procedure and requirements that should be observed by the patient to achieve the most effective result. If you plan to remove hair in the armpits or bikini line, a technician will ask you to wear linen white as the color of coloured things can suffer from the effects of light. In some clinics are offered to sign an agreement where the patient has confirmed that he is familiar with the specifics of the procedure and the nature of its alleged results.


The procedure

By itself, the procedure of hair removal is quite simple. The patient lies on a couch, arranged more conveniently, for security purposes and the specialist and the patient is put on safety glasses. Duration of the procedure varies from volume of the treated area, but, as a rule, does not take more than ten minutes. The specialist has a small handheld device that does not cause pain. The patient may feel a slight burning or tingling. Sometimes during the procedure or after it has mild swelling and redness of the skin. After photoepilation skin imposed cooling compressors that soothe the skin and minimize the manifestation of side effects.

To achieve the best results it is recommended to take a course of 6-9 procedures. The hair is somewhat worse be processed, so their removal may need ten to twelve procedures, and in special cases and more. The interval between single procedures shall be not less than four weeks for photoepilation persons and about six weeks during the processing of body hair. Photoepilation is especially effective for removal of dark hair. Due to the lack of pigment, white, grey and red hair poorly absorbs light, so efficiency hair removal treatment in such cases is significantly reduced. Of course, the light makes such hair weaker and thinner, but not remove them.


Skin care after photoepilation

For several days after the removal skin it is recommended to grease with aloe Vera gel, at the exit to the street necessarily apply on the skin with a sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30. Sunscreen is obligatory regardless of the weather. Within four weeks after hair removal treatment is not recommended to sunbathe in the sun and enjoy the sun.


Risks and side effects photoepilation

After the procedure the skin may appear redness or mild swelling, but after a couple of days everything goes. Sometimes decreased or increased production of pigment (depigmented or hyperpigmentation of the skin). In rare cases can cause light of changes in skin texture. Photoepilation leaves no scars, scar appearance may be due to improper technique of the procedure or the individual features of the patient’s skin.

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