фототерапияrLight has a healing effect on the body, to be sure, do not need any special knowledge in medicine. Suffice it to recall that in autumn, when daylight diminishes, a huge number of people into depression, and in the spring, when the sun becomes more eyes we veselee and become more optimistic. But this is not the only positive influence of light, there is local, the limited, focused on the return of youth and other skin problems. Phototherapy is based on the properties of light, and as it turns out, these properties are not only in charge of optimism and good mood.


The discovery of the century

The healing properties of light were discovered over a century ago. Phototherapy is closely connected with the name of the Danish scientist physiotherapist Nils of FinCEN, who stood at the head of all modern basic methods of treatment of light. In 1903 Finest was awarded the Nobel prize in medicine and physiology. In particular, he demonstrated the possibility of application of the concentrated light beam in the field of treatment of diseases, which seemed hopeless, for example, such a severe systemic disease like lupus. Research and experiments by Nils FinCEN were the basis of the great “light path” length in a century, thanks to him, today the doctors have the opportunity to fight against many diseases with the help of light.

Phototherapy, with high efficiency and wide spectrum of action. The main effect it is how the skin, absorbing light flux, is responsible for this. Procedure phototherapy in their current largely similar with other methods of hardware cosmetology. Cosmetologist leads over the skin of the patient handle-manipula, connected with stationary machine. It emits a pulse light of the given intensity, which the doctor can adjust. Frequency pulsed light affects how deeply the light rays will penetrate the epidermis – with different indications require different levels of exposure.


Indications for therapy

The main indications for phototherapy: correction of age changes, elimination of pigmentary spots of different etiology, removal of vascular asterisks, hair removal (IPL), treatment of skin diseases of different etiology. Phototherapy is used at different skin lesions, as for the treatment of acne and its consequences in the form of rosacea and scars and serious medical conditions, such as psoriasis, eczema.


Phototherapy in the struggle for youth

Like many other methods of hardware cosmetology, phototherapy affect the skin in a stimulating effect, urging it to produce collagen and elastin, increasing firmness, elasticity, smoothing out wrinkles different depth. The effect is seen immediately, you need to give the skin a week or two, so she could adequately react to light interference and began to acquire collagen-elastin skeleton.

Rejuvenating course phototherapy may take a long time, especially when expressed age changes. For correction of wrinkles and return youthful skin is the course for up to 6-8 treatments available, with a break in 2-3 weeks, during which the skin is restored.


Phototherapy for removal of pigment spots

Pigmentation can be age or not, but for any type you can try phototherapy. Pigmented areas absorb the light, not affecting the healthy parts, is the destruction of melanocytes that form the spot. Of course, remove age spots using a pulse of light is needed in the period of reduced solar activity.


Phototherapy to eliminate acne

Pulsed light not only heats the skin, it has a strong bactericidal effect. As you know, acne is not just inflammation and skin diseases caused by bacterial activity. Clear skin from them is difficult, because their activity is concentrated for the most part within the epidermis. Pulsed light is capable to extinguish a bacterial war, nourishing the skin from the inside.


Vascular phototherapy

Spider veins and visible on the skin’s surface threads vessels – a common problem of people who are spending all day on my feet. Phototherapy has established itself as one of the effective methods of removal of vessels, and sometimes it is just one session.



Truly one of the most effective methods of removing hair permanently. To eliminate unwanted vegetation, usually require more than one session to pulsed light can destroy all the hair, staying in one time or another at different phases of growth. The effectiveness of hair removal is the absorption of light hair and consistent destruction of the trunk and follicle. Unconditional advantage photoepilation is the ability to work on any part of the body and on any type of hair.

After any of the procedures phototherapy few hours may be redness of the skin is normal.


Contraindications to therapy

To phototherapy is contra, but they all depend on individual peculiarities of organism and from the intended operation. In some cases, phototherapy is contraindicated in psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, herpes, shingles, cannot be treated light when solar urticaria and in General increased sensitivity to sunlight. Oncological, endocrine, cardiovascular disease may also be contraindicated.

Course phototherapy may take a total of several months, during which the patient again and again subjected to pulsed light. This means that preliminary consultation with the doctor is required.

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