пирсинг губыIn a civilized society piercing lips, like other forms of punctures on the face, sometimes harshly condemned. Why do that, if there is no need to drive away evil spirits, as in the primitive tribes, besides, the beauty of such a piercing questionable. But if people do that, it means that somebody needs it, first of all, those for whom the lip piercing is a way to Express their individuality, protest or the opportunity to join the team belonging to a particular subculture.

As is the eyebrow piercing, piercing lips became very popular in the eighties of the last century. Previously beautifying your face piercings could rockers, punks, but that in this era piercing has become part of pop culture and pierced themselves have become everything that can pierce, the youth were overzealous numerous ornaments, nose was inserted carnations, eyebrow – rod, lip rings.

Many of the species ring in his lip causes painful experiences – it probably hurts, first to pierce the mucous membrane, and then all the time to feel in the mouth the taste of metal. But you need to eat, clean teeth, and suddenly this beauty prevents normal diction? Prejudices and misconceptions about lip piercing abound, many of them false, others deserve attention.


Features lip piercing

The main advantage of lip piercing becomes its relative safety, because in this area there is no important nerve nodes and channels, there is no risk to hurt them and critically to break his facial expressions. Heals piercing lips depending on location and type of puncture four to six weeks, comparable to puncture eyebrows.

There are several types of lip piercing, preference which is given depending on personal tastes. The most famous type of lip piercing is done right in the middle of lip groove on the lower lip. Another popular type puncture lips simulates a mole on her upper lip on the side, for which he received the name “Monroe” or “Madonna”. The original way to decorate your mouth piercing – create the illusion of a gap at the corners of the lips. This chilling piercing is called “Georgina”.

Hazards lip piercing: if the piercing does unskilled specialist who made a mistake at the puncture, may form a fistula or to develop the infection.


After lip piercing

пирсинг губыPuncture lips accompanied by pain, as this area of active tissue blood supply. After a puncture in the hole is inserted decoration, typically the labret (rod with otkrytivaya head or two, depending on design and the puncture site). As with any other piercing, labreti after primary puncture it is advisable to wear the most safe, smooth and of surgical steel. More extravagant accessories for lip piercing can be inserted when fully wound will be delayed and will not decrease the risk of rejection or irritation.

After a puncture lip usually several swells, but the swelling will go through two or three days. For this reason, it is important to correctly install the labret in the hole, not to pinch it tissues. Immediately after a puncture in approximately four hours of not eating, Smoking, use of alcohol should also be abandoned. Then about a month must comply with the diet and take care of puncture site and decoration.

Other precautions and care after lip piercing:

    • To refrain from solid food, to include in the diet of dairy products, cereals, mashed potatoes and other liquid substances which will not damage puncture and decoration. You should not eat hot food, spicy, salty, smoked, fatty.
    • After each meal be sure to rinse your mouth with an antiseptic solution. In day it is necessary not less than three-five rinse.
    • In addition to rinse the mouth can do compresses, but other solution. For this purpose it is necessary to apply with a cotton swab dipped in the solution.

пирсинг губы

  • During the meal should be very careful to chew food, trying not to hurt piercing.
  • During wound healing, we should give up Smoking and alcohol in order to prevent infection and dangerous inflammation.
  • It is impossible to paint lips, leaving this pleasant procedure for later.
  • During the healing process cannot remove the decoration of the puncture. Clean it carefully right in the puncture, carefully cleaning toothbrush possible allocation of blood and lymph. Remove the accessory from the lips more than a day is possible only in a year after a puncture.
  • You should try less to hurt piercing lips mechanically, then healing will go faster.

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