пирсинг носаPunctures on the face and body for decorations made of metal, bone and wood mankind has practiced for thousands of years. Shocking symbol of freedom, piercing, nose is another way of positioning itself in the society. The ears are often pierce early, and by the nose piercing come already in the age – to the delight of like-minded people, to the horror of the conservative relatives. Such a step requires not only confidence, and readiness to devote some time meticulous care puncture, decoration in which looks stylish, only if there are no complications.


The experience of ancient civilizations

пирсинг носаIf a cursory glance to see features piercing nose in Western civilization, comparing it to the one adopted in African and other primitive tribes and peoples inhabiting the territory of the Eurasian East, it is impossible not to notice aesthetic difference. Western people often decorated with fine nose by a nail, stylish ring, and if in the course is flashy jewelry, most likely, its owner – an adherent of a particular subculture. The peoples of the East and tribal community never make nose piercing, based on desires or considerations of aesthetics. In such a puncture there is always a sense that depends on location (cartilage, bone or tissue), the type and size of jewelry, from the foundations of the nation.

In many cultures, the nose represents the reproductive system, male and female. In this regard, nose piercing is closely linked to the ability to produce offspring. This tradition exists for many centuries in India, where the girl pierce left nostril on the night before she goes to the altar. Some primitive tribes man demonstrates his masculinity, vdava in the nose decoration. The Eastern tradition took root in Europe and America only in the second half of the twentieth century in the period of blossoming of the hippie movement. Freedom-loving flower children brought back from his travels in India this custom, but adapted it without special binding to live there symbolism. Today piercing nose is not surprising, and in comparison with all other kinds of punctures on the face, it is much more diverse.


Types and characteristics of nose piercing

пирсинг носаA puncture of the nose is carried out with a needle, automatic gun for this type of piercing should not be applied.

    • Piercing nostrils. This kind of puncture distributed mainly among girls. It allows you to decorate nostril shining nail jewelry head. It can be single or double, with the inside of the nostrils is fixed by a small ball.
    • Austin Bar. Sassy, but one of the easiest and most hassle-free types of nose piercing, involving careful (no touching cartilage) horizontal piercing nose.
    • Septrin. A very unusual kind of nose piercing, during which the puncture is done at the bottom of the earlobe. For such a piercing use, as a rule, carnations with volume metal crown.
    • The septum. This puncture of the nasal septum at the bottom. For such a piercing recommended to wear rings and a half.
    • Bridge. “Bridge” or “bridge” piercing the nose. This kind of puncture requires skill to master because of the proximity to the eyes. It turns out the two holes, which are inserted in the bar with two convex balls.

пирсинг носа

  • Combined piercing Nasallang. Nose piercing for bold, it combines punctures both nostrils and partitions with devanam one decoration – most often a rod or “banana”.

Piercing nose usually transferred easily. Perhaps a small tears in the moment of penetration, but the pain is small and tolerant. At will of the client is used anesthetic gel. Immediately after a puncture in the hole is entered decoration, apply antiseptic.

Piercing soft tissues of the nose is good, healing of cartilage problems can occur in the form of increased morbidity and long healing. If the puncture cartilaginous septum made in violation of hygienic and technical norms of nose piercing, it can cause severe inflammation and even the destruction of cartilage.


Care of a nose piercing

пирсинг носаThe main goal of postperinatal care is to prevent inflammation and speed up the healing of a puncture. Daily need to lubricate the puncture antiseptic, for example, chlorhexidine or 3% hydrogen peroxide antibacterial ointments (Levomecol).

Do not remove the decoration of the puncture, until it heals, will not disappear crust and pain. Clean the wound, gently moving the ring or barbell on it. Hands should be clean, during the day, try not to touch the puncture. You cannot treat the wound with alcohol solutions. To accelerate healing wipe the puncture site with a cotton swab dipped in a small number of lavender oil. Wipe your face with a towel gently, promiscuously movements.

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