капсулы «Линдакса» для лечения ожирения

Probably the most favorite category of means to reduce weight are pills and capsules, which suppresses appetite. It was the feeling of hunger arising out of place, wrong time and completely uncontrolled often assumed to be the main cause of irregular shapes. It is therefore not surprising that the pills “Lindaxa” perceived as one of those magic wands-vyruchalochki. Actually, this drug is fairly strong, the consequences of uncontrolled and unjustified reception, which can be quite sad.

The composition of the diet pills “Lindaxa”

The drug is intended for treatment of diagnosed obesity. Appointed in those cases, if other methods of weight loss have not led to the desired result. The main active ingredient is sibutramine, which has already gained scandalous popularity and even appeared to be under strict prohibition of acquisition, use and distribution in several European countries and the USA as potent psychotropic substance, one of the derivatives of amphetamine.

There are two forms of the drug – “Lindaxa-10″ with brown cap capsules, and Lindaxa-15″ – blue. Differ only by the dosage of sibutramine in the first case contains 10 mg, in the second, respectively, 15 mg. Principle tablets is simple – they suppress appetite due to the impact of the main component to relevant areas of the CNS responsible for the emergence of feelings of hunger.

таблетки «Линдакса» 10 и 15 мг

pill “Lindaxa” 10 and 15 mg

The same scheme of work and numerous analogues “Lindex”, the most popular of which are “Goldline”, “reduccin”, “Merida”, “Slime”. By the way, sibutramine has another interesting property – it activates the production of serotonin in the body, “happiness hormone”. This explains the surge of energy at first, decreased need for sleep and food. The brain and so happy, he does not require food for pleasure, and therefore, even the most strict diet can be followed without interruption.

Instructions and recommendations for use

The pill is best to start with a smaller dosage to 10 mg If during the month the weight is not moving, you can move to a dose of 15 mg a day taken just one capsule in the morning on an empty stomach or during meals. Be sure to drink a medium glass of water. The duration of treatment of obesity is not more than 1 year, but good results can be 3 months, and six months to a question about the continuation or discontinuation of a course is the responsibility of the doctor.

In the instructions to drugs not listed that you want to keep parallel to any diet. Indeed, once you accept a suppressor of appetite, be prepared that food will come to literally push. In practice, however, it is best to discuss with your doctor the approximate power scheme, which must be rational and balanced. Plus be sure to take a multivitamin complex.

Sports are welcome, but moderate, it is advisable to opt static gymnastics. If you’re constantly on a starvation diet, but feel the strength to move mountains, very soon it will be finished, a complete physical exhaustion, and with it – and nervous. Only at first it will seem that everything is fine due to the release of “happiness hormone”.

The resources of the body are being rapidly depleted, and artificial euphoria steadily goes into depression. That is why the doctor must constantly observe the patient’s condition, which takes slimming pill “Lindaxa”.

Side effects and contraindications

The high popularity of the drug directly led to the emergence on the pharmaceutical market a lot of imitations, which add a cheaper, but no less dangerous for health amphetaminepositive. But sibutramine causes a lot of side effects that more or less evident in all patients regardless of gender, age, used diet, the degree of obesity and related diagnoses:

  • palpitations, tachycardia;
  • the pressure increase;
  • discomfort in the stomach;
  • nausea, taste change;
  • dry mouth;
  • anorexia;
  • constipation, worsening of hemorrhoids;
  • headache, dizziness;
  • anxiety, mood swings;
  • insomnia;
  • sweating;
  • muscle weakness, cramps;
  • epileptic seizures and other

You should pay attention to no less an impressive list of contraindications that have pills “Lindaxa”. The full list can be found in the annotations to the drug, here are just some of the diseases and conditions:

  • heart disease, stroke;
  • adenoma of the prostate gland;
  • diseases of the kidneys and liver;
  • thyrotoxicosis;
  • glaucoma;
  • drug and alcohol dependence;
  • bulimia and anorexia;
  • epilepsy, mental illness;
  • pregnancy and lactation;
  • adolescence and old age and other

Where to buy and at what price?

“Lindaxa” sold only by prescription. You can buy capsules at pharmacies and online pharmacies, but as of today find them not so easy. The release of the tool from obesity is already discontinued, sold only storage balances. The cost of medication, depending on the form (30 and 90 pcs. per pack), dosage and point of sales varies from 800 to 1000 rubles. It makes sense to abandon the acquisition of the drug in dubious virtual shops, which, together with all kinds of Chinese tablets with questionable composition offer such a serious drug drug.

Reviews of slimming and doctors

Elena, 28 years. Left the sport and quickly gained weight. For diet I was too weak will, and I decided to lose weight on the pill. Good people suggested that “Lindaxa” in some private pharmacies you can buy without a prescription. As a result, in the first month got rid of 8 kg to lose Weight easily, there is not want. In the next month already without pills lost a further 6 kg But after a year all the weight came back. Of the side effects is lost menstrual cycle, palpitations.

Anna, 30 years. Unattainable dream was to reset 7-9 kg Saw and tablets, including the same”, reducin”, which is not light. The effect is almost zero. Friends have recommended and helped to get “Lindaxa”. I had enough for a couple of weeks, dropped during this time only 2 kg, at first it was easy and fun, and then felt disgusting. Constant nausea, stomach pain, apathy, and indifference to everything around, aggression, tears, all in a heap. In the husband threw away my medicine and a very impressive read me a lecture about the dangers of “drugs”.

Ilya, the dietitian. I want to warn the world of “easy weight loss”, which in this case you are dealing with a serious drug. Used tablets for the treatment of alimentary obesity and under strict medical supervision. All drugs based on sibutramine have many contraindications, therefore, we first conducted a series of laboratory studies to assess the feasibility, feasibility and relative safety of their admission.


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