Ананасовая настойка

Pineapple liqueur slimming also called “secret and fast tool for weight loss. They say it even domestic stars lose weight and shed not less than 10 kg per month. And all the matter in bromelain, which is rich in tropical fruit. This substance is taking an active part in metabolism, activates the processes of digestion. This tool is not worth a small fortune and is preparing available for every individual components.

Recipe and directions for use

For homemade liqueurs from pineapple, you will need itself exotic fruit and vodka. The first ingredient should be ripe, and the second – quality (better not to save on alcoholic beverage). Indicators of freshness and ripeness of the fruit – orange color and rich flavor that seduces even through the skin. Thoroughly flush pineapple with a brush, so as to cleanse it, we will not. Cut off the bottom and leaves.

Fruit cut into pieces (as an option – primalite grinder or blender) together with peel (bromeline contains the maximum amount). Pour the product vodka (500 ml) and store in a cool, dark place (for example, put the bottle in a dark plastic bag and put on the bottom shelf of the refrigerator). The received quantity you should be enough for a month. Infused tool week.

After a specified period of strain composition. The cake can be thrown away – he has devoted all of the benefits of the drink. Accepted pineapple liqueur slimming a tablespoon twice a day 30-15 minutes before meals (for example, afternoon and evening). Additionally, the tool can be taken in the case, if you plan to eat something not very useful for the shape (fatty, fried etc). The course lasts no more than two months, and then adjourned.


Alas, not everyone is allowed to use for weight loss pineapple liqueur. It is strictly forbidden to use her pregnant women and nursing mothers. Also before application it is important to ensure that you are not allergic to fruit that come from our lands. And, of course, direct contraindications to the presence of alcohol-based tools in the diet are:

  • gastritis, ulcerative disease of the stomach and intestines;
  • prednisnoe state and cirrhosis of the liver;
  • individual intolerance of alcohol;
  • cardiovascular problems;
  • hypotonia;
  • alcoholism;
  • diabetes;
  • nervous disorders and other


Nina, 34 years. From what I read here about the pineapple slimming, tincture with him (though with vodka, though without vodka, even for pure alcohol) will not burn fat just like that, till you’ll be lying on the couch. Then, surely, we have no people with excess weight. Well, you see? So, do not get fooled by the promise that this tool does not need to use diet and sport. Without the last two terms is nothing you will never succeed.

Lada, 28 years. Heard that tincture pineapple vodka can be used without any diets, and that would still leave 3 kg per week steadily. In fact it is not. Ate as usual (including sweets), but during the first week of nothing dropped. Then decided to reduce the portions of food (just took a plate smaller). Eventually went 1 kg 7 days. And only when I really have revised their diet cleared all (!) fast food and began to eat for dinner only something vegetable, it took me 4 kg per week. But there is still a lot of work, so contemplating training plan. I think this is important so that at the end of the use pineapple liqueur lost weight did not return. Otherwise what’s the point?

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